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How to spell PATING correctly?

If you're trying to search for the term "pating" but continuously getting incorrect results, here are some possible correct suggestions. Firstly, you might be referring to "painting", which involves creating art using various materials. Alternatively, you might be looking for "patting", which means gently tapping or stroking something with your hand. Double-check the spelling to ensure accurate results.

List of suggestions on how to spell pating correctly

  • Bating
  • dating
  • eating
  • gating Gating allows the operator to control the flow of materials in the manufacturing process.
  • Hating I never understood hating someone just because of their race or religion.
  • mating The mating call of the bird echoed throughout the forest.
  • pacing The pacing of the movie kept me on the edge of my seat.
  • padding The coach added padding to the player's helmet to protect him from further head injuries.
  • paging The doctor was paging through the patient's medical records to gather information for the exam.
  • paling The flowers paling in the sun.
  • panting She reached the top of the stairs, panting and sweating from the effort.
  • paring
  • parting I feel so sad when I think of our parting.
  • Pasting She was pasting pictures of her favorite celebrities onto her bedroom wall.
  • patina The patina on the old clock is a beautiful complement to the piece.
  • Patine
  • Patting She was patting her dog's head, trying to calm him down during the thunderstorm.
  • paving The construction workers are paving the road with asphalt.
  • Pawing I was pawing through the pile of clothes for something to wear.
  • paying I will be paying my rent tomorrow.
  • petting She enjoyed petting the soft fur of her rabbit.
  • pitting The pitting corrosion caused by the harsh chemical environment has caused extensive damage to the metal surfaces.
  • plating The chef spent hours perfecting the plating of each dish.
  • Porting The process of porting software from one operating system to another can be time-consuming and complex.
  • Potting I spent the afternoon potting some new plants for my garden.
  • Pouting She was pouting because she had lost the game.
  • Prating
  • Putin Putin has been in power for more than two decades.
  • putting I was putting my clothes away when I heard a noise outside.
  • rating The movie received a high rating from critics but a low rating from viewers.
  • Sating

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