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How to spell PATION correctly?

If you've mistakenly written "pation" instead of "patio", fear not! Autocorrect often fails us. Relax and make the necessary correction to enjoy the sweet summer breeze on your outdoor patio, rather than some mysterious "pation" that doesn't exist. Remember, double-checking your words can save you from such minor hiccups.

List of suggestions on how to spell pation correctly

  • caption I need to come up with a clever caption for my Instagram post.
  • cation When a cation and an anion are attracted to each other, they form an ionic bond.
  • caution It is important to exercise caution when crossing the busy street.
  • nation It is a good idea to get to know your nation's customs and traditions.
  • option I have the option to either order food for delivery or go pick it up myself.
  • pain I am experiencing a sharp pain in my lower back.
  • passion Sarah had always cherished her passion for music.
  • patina The vintage car had a beautiful patina on its hood.
  • Patine
  • patio We enjoyed our patio drinking some libation and eating some tasty snacks.
  • patios My aunt loves to entertain guests on her beautifully decorated patios.
  • patron As a frequent patron of the local library, she had become familiar with all of the librarians.
  • Patton General George Patton was famous for his hard top tactics.
  • piton The climber used a piton to secure himself to the rock face.
  • portion Can I have a smaller portion of the dessert?
  • potion I brewed a potion to cure my cold.
  • potions The witch brewed a variety of mysterious potions in her cauldron.
  • prion
  • Putin Putin has been president of Russia for more than a decade.
  • ration During World War II, families were given ration cards to limit the amount of food they could buy each week.

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