How to spell PATIP correctly?

We think the word patip is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

List of suggestions on how to spell patip correctly

  • atop "You'd have to hang her up by a string, like one of these toy angels the Dutch put atop their Christmas-trees.
  • atp Other names in common use include adenosine-5-triphosphate sulfurylase, adenosinetriphosphate sulfurylase, adenylylsulfate pyrophosphorylase, ATP sulfurylase, ATP-sulfurylase, and sulfurylase.
  • dip They dip their brushes in the ink, and paint the words one under the other, beginning at the top right-hand corner and finishing at the bottom left-hand corner.
  • laptop The ADvantage tools include a development environment, a run-time environment, a plotting and analysis tool set, a fault insertion control application, and a vehicle network configuration and management tool that runs on a Windows or Linux desktop or laptop PC.
  • pad "That's a beginning," Janice said, gravely, seizing paper and pad.
  • paid I hed paid to go to Lunnon, an' thay shood drive all the way when thay wur paid avoor'and.
  • pap I have a right to it, kase I'm his pap: an' when I get it, I'll give you half-that is, if you do right by me while I'm hidin' here.
  • papa "He was so pretty, Papa.
  • part If you think we should part, we shall this very night.
  • party And have a play-party!
  • pat He drew her to him with an affectionate pat.
  • pate All this was quite independent of the daily business in fresh pork, pate de fois gras, hare patty, galantine, saveloys and black-puddings.
  • patina A chromic acid dip leaves behind a bright yellow patina on the brass.
  • patio My patio is perfect for relaxing on a beautiful day.
  • patois
  • patsy The victim was indicted as a Patsy.
  • patty I love a good patty.
  • peat The roof of the house was covered in peat.
  • peaty She was wearing a peachy print dress.
  • pep
  • pet
  • pip I need a pip for my drink.
  • pipe I thought I saw a pipe under the bed.
  • pit The Pit is a dark and scary place.
  • pita
  • pitt
  • pity
  • pop I'm going to pop down to the corner store for some cigarettes.
  • potpie Mom was making potpies for dinner, and there were so many that she ended up not having any for herself.
  • pt
  • ptah The god Ptah is associated with creation and the afterlife.
  • pup I have a pup at my house.
  • put
  • tap Can I tap you on the shoulder?
  • tarp
  • tip I have a few tips for making your party go off without a hitch.
  • top I have a top for my hat.
  • Pappy Creed's mammy-she was Judge Gillenwaters's sister, down in Hepzibah-died when he was no bigger'n Little Buck, and his pappy never wedded again.
  • Patine
  • PTO Parents want to make sure their children are in PTO.
  • Putin Suspected Russian spies were arrested in the UK last night, Putin's spokesman said.
  • Pats
  • Patti
  • pits I visit the pits every weekend.
  • pates The national menu was further increased by contributions from Italy and from domestic producers, pates, cheeses, and some new fruits, apricots and plums; the latter, still a great favorite with the French, was called la reine Claude after the daughter of Louis XII. With the good living came an increase in drunkenness among all, lower classes, bourgeois, courtiers, and soldiers,-the latter, indeed, to such an extent that the king felt constrained to issue edicts threatening this growing vice with the severest penalties: for the first offence, imprisonment; for the second, flogging in private; for the third, flogging in public; and the hardened offender ran a great risk of losing his ears and being banished from the kingdom.
  • PTA
  • TWP
  • Patel Bhavesh Patel (born 1980) is an American actor and writer best known for his role as Roland Maule in the 2017 revival of Present Laughter.
  • pot I'm going to go pot shopping.

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