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How to spell PATNERS correctly?

If you have mistakenly spelled "patners" instead of "partners", here are some suggestions for avoiding this error in the future. Ensure you double-check your spelling before finalizing any written work, utilize spell-checking tools, refer to dictionaries or thesauruses for correct word choices, and proofread your work thoroughly.

List of suggestions on how to spell patners correctly

  • painters My favorite painters are Vincent van Gogh and Claude Monet.
  • panders The politician panders to the wealthy donors rather than addressing the needs of the working class.
  • panes The panes in the window were shattered by the strong winds during the storm.
  • panniers I am wearing my panniers.
  • partner My business partner and I have been working together for over 10 years.
  • partners The business partners decided to merge their companies.
  • pates The restaurant had an excellent selection of pates for appetizers.
  • pattern The wallpaper had a beautiful floral pattern.
  • patterns I love looking at the intricate patterns on the fabric of the rug.
  • patters
  • Pawnees The Pawnees were a Native American tribe that inhabited the Great Plains region of the United States.
  • Peters I'm looking for a PETERS.
  • planers
  • planners The event planners carefully coordinated every detail of the wedding.
  • potters The potters in the village created an array of beautiful and functional pottery that was sold at the local market.
  • putters I putters around my apartment, trying to figure out what to wear for my date tonight.
  • tanners The tanners worked hard to tan the hides into leather.

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