Correct spelling for PAVEL

We think the word pavel is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

Possible correct spellings for pavel

  • bevel It is obvious that but one bevel pinion would serve, but it is found that if one only is used the spindle is apt to wear so as to run out of true, and the bore of the gear-wheel rapidly enlarges from the strain falling on one side only.
  • cavil "'Tis to me a matter of no great cavil," was the reply, "but the poor body will surely miss me when the mule crosses a bad bit of road."
  • gavel The crowd exploded into a frantic, unintelligible babble, and the Chief Justice slammed down his gavel.
  • havel Czech Republic chief of state: President Vaclav KLAUS (since 7 March 2003) note: the Czech Republic's first president Vaclav HAVEL stepped down from office on 2 February 2003 having served exactly 10 years; parliament finally elected a successor on 28 February 2003 after two inconclusive elections in January 2003 head of government: Prime Minister Stanislav GROSS (since 26 July 2004), Deputy Prime Ministers Zdenek SKROMACH (since 4 August 2004), Martin JAHN (since 4 August 2004), Pavel NEMEC (since 4 August 2004); Milan SIMONOVSKY (since 4 August 2004) cabinet: Cabinet appointed by the president on the recommendation of the prime minister elections: president elected by Parliament for a five-year term; last successful election held 28 February 2003 (after earlier elections held 15 and 24 January 2003 were inconclusive; next election to be held NA January 2008); prime minister appointed by the president election results: Vaclav KLAUS elected president on 28 February 2003; Vaclav KLAUS 142 votes, Jan SOKOL 124 votes (third round; combined votes of both chambers of parliament)
  • hovel We descended from hovel to hovel, alternately along the gravelled flat of each enclosure, and perpendicularly down steps cut in the sandstone or let into the walls.
  • level Mounting the heights, I soon arrived at St. Etienne, a little village nearly on a level with the citadel, and not more than a quarter of a mile from its walls.
  • marvel At the end of three days of our acquaintance with the Marvel, she told me that the poor fool was in love with me.
  • naval V. The Future in Relation to American Naval Power.
  • navel The trunk has not kept pace with the legs, for as you will see from the diagram the line reaches the navel of the child in one year, while in the adult it is much lower.
  • novel Morning came and with it a sullen determination to get down to work on my long neglected novel.
  • pail Like the milk-maid who upset her pail while planning which ribbons would become her best, poor Daisy's dreams of splendor came to a sudden end; for instead of a golden rose, she was left with only ten cents,-and not even a purse to put it in.
  • pal Many who were wounded as they tramped through woods splintered by bursting shells and ripped with bullets, bandaged themselves as best they could and limped on, or were carried by loyal comrades who would not leave a pal in the lurch.
  • pale An angry remonstrance was on Waldemar's lips; but he glanced at that pale, troubled face, and that glance made him pause.
  • palely He was still looking at the brown branches of the bare elm, now palely touched with the cloud-filtered autumn sun.
  • pall His figure appeared preternaturally tall, the sober gray of his coat looked like the pall of an avenging ghost.
  • panel A panel opened in the ground at the foot of the tree, over a grav-well.
  • papal 5, 18, 29, 30, 31, 34, 35, 38-42, 59. Papal States, i.
  • parcel The servants are a parcel of busy blockheads!
  • paul Don grasped Paul by the arm.
  • pave Believing that he would be safe in using this charge as a justification for his acts, and that his removal would pave the way for his own accession to the viceroyalty, Basta then determined to have Michael assassinated.
  • paved Thus an Augustal who had paved a road at Cales received the ornamenta of a decurio.
  • pawl Obviously when the pawl is thrown out of engagement with the ratchet wheel, the horizontal hand wheel may be used to feed the drill spindle by hand or to withdraw it, as the case may be.
  • peel 126. Philippics against Sir Robert Peel, i.
  • ravel Ravel, Daphnis and Chloe, 68; his Pavane, 79; Mother Goose Suite, 81; works and account of style, 299-300.
  • revel I thrust my hands into the box, delighting to bury my fingers amid the rich profusion of its contents; as the miser joys to revel among his heaps of gold.
  • Paley In his further elucidation of this theory, Dr. Paley admits, that an action may be useful, in an individual case, which is not right.
  • Pamela But the sisters, Miranda and Pamela, smiled for joy, while the good mother stopped her busy wheel to listen eagerly.
  • Laval And she pointed to a great red pool gathering on the stone floor as Laval leaned heavily against a table.
  • PAVES The crops should follow each other in such succession that each crop naturally paves the way for the next one in the succession, or at least does not place its successor at a disadvantage.
  • passel "'Our first offishul act after reachin' the Rio Grande is to lay for a passel of Yank cavalry-thar's two thousand of 'em I reckons.
  • Patel But the immediate consequence that followed was, that the Patel went into cantonments at Mathra, and remained there watching events throughout the whole of that eventful autumn.
  • paler The stem is usually paler than the pileus, firm, stuffed.

26 words made from the letters pavel

3 letter words made from pavel:

alp, pea, pel, lev, ale, ape, pva, lav, epa, pal, lap, evl, lea.

4 letter words made from pavel:

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