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How to spell PAWERS correctly?

If you've mistakenly typed "pawers" instead of the intended word, "powers", fear not, as autocorrect can lend a hand. This small typo may be corrected to "powers" or "pawed", depending on the context. Remember to double-check your spelling or rely on the helpful suggestions provided by your device.

List of suggestions on how to spell pawers correctly

  • awes I am awes by the beauty of this place.
  • bowers The birds were singing in the leafy bowers of the forest.
  • cowers
  • dawes
  • hewers The hewers chopped wood for the fire.
  • lowers Eating a diet high in fiber and exercise regularly lowers the risk of heart disease.
  • mowers The sound of the mowers filled the air as the landscaping crew worked on the lawn.
  • pacer He was a slow pacer.
  • pacers The school's pacers helped the team to win the game.
  • PACES My wife and I take very different paces at home and work.
  • packers The Green Bay Packers are a popular NFL team.
  • pagers I can't believe my Dad got us pagers for our birthdays!
  • PAGES She flipped through the pages of her book, searching for the right passage to quote.
  • pairs They purchased two pairs of matching shoes for the wedding ceremony.
  • pales The glow of the moonlight pales in comparison to the radiance of the sun.
  • panes The old house had large panes of glass that rattled in the wind.
  • papers I need to organize my papers before my presentation.
  • parers The parers are used to peel off the skin from fruits and vegetables.
  • pares If two things are similar, they are said to be "pares.
  • PARS " Pars" can refer to a currency unit in Iran.
  • passers I have a bunch of passers from my relatives.
  • pates I love to try different types of pates when I visit French restaurants.
  • patters The rain patters against the windowpane.
  • paupers Many paupers live in poverty.
  • Pawed The dog pawed at the door, eager to go outside for a walk.
  • PAWLS The pawls prevented the gear from rotating backwards.
  • Pawnees The Pawnees were a Native American tribe that once lived in the Great Plains region of North America.
  • pawns I always pack my pawns in case of a tackle- football game.
  • paws The dog was shaking his paws after walking in the wet grass.
  • payees The bill lists the payees.
  • payers Healthcare providers must check with payers to confirm coverage and reimbursements.
  • peers The peers of the deceased would be the one's who the deceased was closest to.
  • Peters Peters was never late for his morning coffee at the local cafe.
  • Piers He visited Piers Morgan's talk show.
  • pikers The group of four pikers walked through the forest.
  • pipers The wedding procession included several pipers playing traditional Scottish tunes.
  • pliers I needed to use pliers to bend the wire into shape.
  • pokers I keep misplacing my set of pokers in our poker night.
  • posers The group of posers tried to act like they were part of the popular crowd.
  • Powders I need to buy face powders from the makeup store.
  • power She wielded power like a god.
  • powers Superman's powers allow him to fly and have superhuman strength.
  • priers Pope Francis, a known atheist, has been highly critical of temple-going Priers.
  • rowers The rowers on the team are speedy and consistent.
  • sewers The sewers are a vital part of the city's drainage system.
  • sowers The sowers are preparing the ground for the seeds to fall.
  • spewers The spewers spewed water all over the floor.
  • Towers The skyscrapers towers in the city.

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