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How to spell PAYAL correctly?

If you're searching for correct alternatives to the misspelling "payal", here are a few suggestions. Firstly, you could try "payroll", which refers to a company's list of employees and their salaries. Alternatively, "payable" relates to something that must be paid. Lastly, you could consider "played" as an option.

List of suggestions on how to spell payal correctly

  • Ayala
  • loyal He has always been a loyal friend who stood by me through thick and thin.
  • pail The little girl carried a pail of water from the well to her house.
  • pal I've known my pal since we were in kindergarten together.
  • pall The news of his death cast a pall over the whole community.
  • panel
  • papal The papal conclave elected a new pope last year.
  • Patel
  • paul
  • pawl
  • payable
  • payed
  • payee The payee of the check was ecstatic to see the amount deposited in their account.
  • payer As a taxpayer, I am a payer of income tax to the government.
  • payola It is illegal to offer payola to radio stations in exchange for airplay.
  • peal
  • pedal She pressed down on the accelerator pedal and the car quickly accelerated.
  • penal The Penal Code of this state outlines the consequences for various criminal offenses.
  • petal
  • pupal The pupal stage of a butterfly is the period of transformation from a caterpillar to an adult.
  • riyal
  • royal The royal family is one of the most influential in the country.

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