How to spell PAYPER correctly?

If you meant to spell "paper", then simply correct the letter "y" to an "a". If you meant to spell "pay-per", which refers to a payment model, then hyphenate the two words.

List of suggestions on how to spell payper correctly

  • caper We went on a wild caper through the city streets, trying to outrun the police.
  • pacer The runner used a pacer to maintain a consistent speed during the marathon.
  • pager I remember using a pager to communicate with my friends in the early 2000s.
  • paler Her face grew paler as the doctor explained the severity of the situation.
  • pamper I love to pamper myself with a bubble bath and a good book after a long day at work.
  • paper I need to buy some printer paper to print out my report.
  • papers You should keep your papers in a safe place.
  • papery The sound of her feet on the papery leaves was the only noise in the silent forest.
  • parer
  • pauper She is a pauper by circumstance.
  • paupers The government started a program to distribute food and shelter for the poor paupers.
  • payee I deposited the check in the bank's account for the payee.
  • payer The payer of the bill is responsible for settling the debt.
  • Payne John was very excited to receive his Payne's check for the surgery.
  • peeper I heard a peeper singing outside my window last night.
  • pepper I added a sprinkle of pepper to my soup for some extra flavor.
  • piper Piper is a cool, refreshing drink for a hot day.
  • popper We had a party and I think everyone had a good time, thanks to the popper!
  • proper I always wear proper clothing when I go out.
  • Pumper The pizza delivery guy was called a "pumper" because he drove a motorcycle around the neighborhood pumping pizzas.
  • raper
  • taper I need to taper the edges of this piece of wood so it fits perfectly into place.

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