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How to spell PEDDY correctly?

If you meant "peddy" as a misspelling for the word "petty", here are some potential correct suggestions: petty, peddy (if referring to a person's name or specific term), paddy, peppy, peddler, peddle. Always double-check your spelling to ensure clear communication.

List of suggestions on how to spell peddy correctly

  • edda
  • eddy The boats were caught in an eddy that kept them swirling around in circles.
  • paddy The farmer grows rice in his paddy field.
  • peaty The peaty aroma of the scotch filled the room as the bottle was uncorked.
  • pedal I have to pedal my bicycle up this hill.
  • peddle I would never peddle something that I wouldn't use myself.
  • Pedro Pedro is a talented artist who paints beautiful landscapes.
  • Pend I always tend to pend my decisions until I have considered all the options.
  • petty I feel petty that they get to go while I stay behind.
  • piddly I'm not feeling very piddly at the moment.
  • speedy The delivery was speedy and the package arrived earlier than expected.
  • teddy My teddy bear is my favorite toy.

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