How to spell PEE'D correctly?

We think the word pee'd is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

List of suggestions on how to spell pee'd correctly

  • deed Marget lifted her head as one who had heard of some brave deed, and there was a ring in her voice.
  • feed Is he cold that you warm him, or hungry that you feed him,-or lonely that-" "Stop right there, Holker!
  • heed Bartock would know this and wouldn't heed any warning.
  • meed She had always the exactly proper meed of intimacy to offer each guest in accordance with the position he had come to occupy, or which she meant him to occupy, in her household.
  • need Does not Collingwood need a best man?
  • pad O'Malley scowled and eased back against the shock pad.
  • paid Get paid for doing what he'll have to do anyhow, you see."
  • pd This patient is taking phenobarbital for anxiety.
  • peaked
  • peat Green things grow in peat bogs.
  • peek I'm going to peek in on them to see if they're okay.
  • peel
  • peeled She peeled the orange with her teeth.
  • peen I can feel the tip of my own penis pressing into my leg.
  • peep
  • peer
  • peeved I'm peeved that she didn't clean up her toys before playtime.
  • peke I spotted a keeky baby peking on a stump.
  • penned I penned this in under an hour.
  • perked
  • permed
  • pert I'm not sure that is the best idea.
  • pet
  • peter
  • pew I had to pew through the pile of old magazines to find the one I was looking for.
  • pied Herbal remedies are popular in Asia; one is the pied piper remedy, which consists of opium and cassia extracts
  • plead
  • pod
  • poet
  • pseud Pseudonyms are used to protect one's identity.
  • reed I'll give you a piece of reed for your broken pencil.
  • seed
  • speed
  • weed
  • Aped A pine ape is a pack of wild bears found in the Interior Mountains of British Columbia.
  • Geed
  • Pared I prefer citrusy flavors in my foods, so I usually gravitate toward salads with a ParedDish dressing.
  • Pawed I was handling the animal's paws delicately.
  • Pealed The eggs were pealed.
  • Pecked I was pecked on the cheek by a sparrow.
  • Peeped
  • Peered The window is visible only if you peer through the gaps in the curtains.
  • Pegged The balloon was pegged to the post.
  • Pend
  • Petted After swimming, Sammy was thirsty, so she went over to the fridge and took out a carton of ice cream and a
  • Pieced Pieced together withAPS glue and hobby foam, the model was completed in just a few hours.
  • Teed
  • Pele The captain instructed the crew to abandon ship before Pele boarded.
  • Pored The room was pored with water droplets from the leak in the ceiling.
  • Pried I tried prying the lid open with a screwdriver, but it was locked.
  • Pete
  • peeked
  • pureed After he pureed the vegetables, he needed to add the milk.
  • OPED I opened the oped to find out the news.
  • PEES Daddy, can I pee in the potty?
  • pepped I'm feeling a bit pepped up after the game.

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