How to spell PEEASE correctly?

If you find yourself constantly misspelling "peease", fret not, as there are some possible correct alternatives. "Please" is the accurate spelling you're aiming for. Remember to double-check your spelling or use the auto-correct feature to avoid this common error.

List of suggestions on how to spell peease correctly

  • appease The manager tried to appease the angry customer by offering a refund.
  • cease The company has decided to cease operations due to financial difficulties.
  • ease The massage helped ease the tension in my shoulders.
  • Geese The V-formation of geese flying in the sky is always a majestic sight.
  • lease
  • peace A sense of peace can be found in the silence of nature.
  • Peale Charles Peale was a famous American painter.
  • Peas I always enjoy a bowl of peas, they're so comforting.
  • peeks She eagerly peeks through the window to catch a glimpse of the new arrivals.
  • peels She peels the skin off the apple to make a pie.
  • peens I am trying to get a piece of cake and all of the sudden, I see this other woman picking up a peens
  • PEEPS Every Easter, my grandmother gives us a box of PEEPS as a special treat.
  • peers As a young professional, it's important to surround yourself with knowledgeable and experienced peers in your industry.
  • PEES I can't believe my dog always pees on the carpet.
  • peeve
  • peruse
  • phase We are currently in the planning phase of our project.
  • pleas She made a tearful pleas for forgiveness.
  • please Can I please have the rest of my dinner?
  • Reese Reese is a type of peanut butter cup.
  • tease

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