Correct spelling for PEIPLE

We think the word peiple is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

Possible correct spellings for peiple

  • apple A neighboring farmer had asked me to go to his field and shake down the fruit from two apple-trees.
  • pail She was laughing as she bent over her pail, but he didn't know it.
  • pale "But you are a bit pale," he said.
  • papal The city was alive with such excitement as it had seldom witnessed since the days when pagan Rome became papal Rome.
  • papilla Larger, watery cinnamon, papilla somewhat horny; sp. 10 x 6.
  • peal Suddenly a peal of the door-bell rang out, clearly and imperiously, vibrating through the house.
  • pebble The pulling of the trigger released a spring in the barrel, which in turn projected a pebble or other missile a short and harmless distance.
  • peddle I tole Pop you won't let me peddle-'n when you learn me to swim'n dive will you let me peddle all alone by myself?
  • peel And Tom's mother looked at me over the orange-peel as to a confederate.
  • peeler You've here the little Peeler, Out of place he will not go! But to keep it, don't he turn about And jump Jim Crow!
  • peep By the Lord, I've sneaked upstairs, gone in and had a peep at the children-well, they'd be asleep.
  • peeper "You vile peeper," she exclaimed; "doubtless, you're an experienced judge," and dropping the parasol in his face, nor caring that the silk struck him, she hurried by.
  • penile In penile candidiasis, the causes include sexual intercourse with an infected individual, low immunity, antibiotics, and diabetes.
  • people Ah, very delightful people.
  • peopled Closely connected with this is the idea of the underground world, peopled by the souls of the departed like the Abapansi, the widespread nature of which idea is shown by Dr. Tylor.
  • pep I hope so, Pep.
  • pepper A little pepper if liked.
  • peril But I tell you that you shall quit this house in half an hour-that you shall never enter it again but at your peril; and if you do-within ten minutes from that time you shall be in the town gaol.
  • petiole It is a pinnatifid leaf, with the divisions pointing towards the petiole and a large triangular apex.
  • pile He marked the spot with a pile of rocks; he blazed the two trees.
  • pill The Doctor also thinks that quinine should be taken with the pill; but my experience-though it weighs nothing against what he has endured- has proved to me that quinine is useless until after the medicine has taken effect.
  • pimple ARSECOCKLE, s. A hot pimple on the face or any part of the body, S. B. The term seems originally to have been confined to pimples on the hips; synon.
  • pimply It is small, cone-shaped, dark red, shiny, and pimply.
  • pip Pip and Rags, shivering, crouching down, slapping the water, never hesitated.
  • pipe All the chiefs got off their horses and sat down in a row and filled the pipe and began to smoke.
  • piper The Pied Piper of Hamelin?"
  • pipes Thereafter King threw himself down on Jim's bunk and the two smoked their pipes.
  • pole Mr. Gubb, from his seat on the wagon-pole, looked at Syrilla thoughtfully.
  • pope 228, 229. Pope, Alexander: "Dunciad," i.
  • propel If used to do work-as, for example, to propel a street-car and for that purpose receives a current-it is a motor.
  • puerile In truth, there was something puerile in the eagerness which Philip manifested.
  • pule
  • pupal
  • pupil
  • purple
  • repel
  • Papillae Muzzle elongated, conical; nostrils prominent, tubular; produced beyond the upper lip, opening laterally or sublaterally, emarginate between; crown of the head scarcely raised above the face line; ears thin, generally covered with glandular papillae; tragus long, attenuated towards the tip, and inclined outwards; thumb very large, with a large, strongly curved claw; wings around interfemoral membrane very hairy.
  • Piped He stooped to pick up something which had been lying on the ground beside him when he piped.
  • Pele In spite of the heat, in spite of the pain, in spite of the bodily terror in which I lay and writhed, I remembered, too, what Kea had once told me-how in the old days when men sacrificed to Pele they never burnt their offerings with earthly fire, but flung them whole, a living gift, into the cracks and fissures of the burning lava, that the goddess might consume her own victims for herself in her own unearthly subterranean furnaces!
  • Peale His sons were destined from their cradle to become artists, as their Christian names are Rafaelle, Rubens, Titian, &c. One of the saloons of the museum is occupied by the paintings of Rembrandt Peale.
  • Perl There are several alternative character sets that are not encoding according to the principle of Han Unification, and thus free from its restrictions: CNS character set CCCII character set TRON Mojikyo These region-dependent character sets are also seen as not affected by Han Unification because of their region-specific nature: ISO/IEC 2022 (based on sequence codes to switch between Chinese, Japanese, Korean character sets – hence without unification) Big5 extensions GCCS and its successor HKSCS However, none of these alternative standards has been as widely adopted as Unicode, which is now the base character set for many new standards and protocols, internationally adopted, and is built into the architecture of operating systems (Microsoft Windows, Apple macOS, and many Unix-like systems), programming languages ( Perl, Python, C#, Java, Common Lisp, APL, C, C++), and libraries (IBM International Components for Unicode (ICU) along with the Pango, Graphite, Scribe, Uniscribe, and ATSUI rendering engines), font formats (TrueType and OpenType) and so on.
  • Pupils
  • peoples Its conquerors will be stricken by the sun but will not progress upward and twice they will be visited with the heaviest misfortune, which will end in insult before the eye of the other peoples.
  • PYLE
  • Pelee If some volcano in the Alleghanies threatens North Carolina with a disaster similar to that of Martinique, buried beneath the outpourings of Mont Pelee, then these people must leave their homes."

29 words made from the letters peiple

3 letter words made from peiple:

epi, pie, pip, pel, eel, lee, ppi, pee, lei, pep, lip, lie, pei.

4 letter words made from peiple:

elei, epel, peel, peil, piel, eile, pipe, peli, peep, plei, pile.

5 letter words made from peiple:

peple, lippe, epple, piele, eppel.

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