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How to spell PELED correctly?

Possible correct suggestions for the misspelling "peled" include "peeled", "paled", "pled", "piled", and "peedled". It's important to consider the context of the word and double-check with a dictionary to ensure correct spelling.

List of suggestions on how to spell peled correctly

  • Paled When she saw the gory scene, her face paled, and she had to sit down to avoid fainting.
  • Palled The excitement of the party soon palled for me, so I went home early.
  • Pealed I pealed the old paint off the wall.
  • pearled The dewdrops pearled on the delicate petals of the morning glory.
  • peeled My mom peeled the apples before making the pie.
  • Pele After he scored the winning goal in the 1967 world cup, Pele became one of the most popular athletes in the world.
  • Pelee
  • pellet I put a pellet in the bird feeder to attract more birds to my backyard.
  • pelt
  • Pelted The protesters were pelted with stones by the angry mob.
  • piled I piled all of the laundry on the bed before folding it.
  • Pilled I was getting pilled by my roommate.
  • plead
  • Plied She had been plied with champagne until she was quite tipsy.
  • plod I traipse through life like a plod.
  • Poled I wouldn't go near that Poled.
  • Polled Almost a third of America has been polled recently.
  • Pooled The company pooled their resources to buy the new machinery.
  • Puled
  • pulled
  • Purled The knitted scarf was made with a purled border on each side.

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