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How to spell PELLOW correctly?

If you've accidentally typed "pellow" instead of "pillow", fear not! Auto-correct can be helpful, but it doesn't always catch everything. For the correct spelling, just swap that elusive "e" with an "i" and voila! You'll have the right word to cozy up with at bedtime.

List of suggestions on how to spell pellow correctly

  • allow Can you please allow me to finish my sentence before interrupting me?
  • bellow The angry customer began to bellow at the store clerk for their mistake.
  • below The temperature has dropped below freezing, causing the lake to freeze over.
  • billow
  • callow As a callow youth, he had no idea how to navigate the complexities of adult life.
  • cello She learned to play the cello when she was just seven years old.
  • fallow The farmers left the land fallow for a year to allow the soil to rejuvenate.
  • fellow My fellow students and I worked together to complete the project.
  • follow
  • hallow
  • hello " Hello, it's nice to meet you," said the woman as she greeted her new co-worker.
  • hollow The sound echoed through the hollow room.
  • jello I prefer my jello to be set in individual cups for easier serving.
  • mallow I added some mallow to my hot chocolate to make it extra creamy.
  • mellow After spending a day at the beach, I felt so mellow and relaxed.
  • pallor She had the pallor of someone who has not eaten in days.
  • pellet The hunter loaded his rifle with a pellet and aimed at the target.
  • pillow I'll give you a pillow for your head.
  • pillows My head hurts and I think I'm going to bed with a few pillows.
  • plow She used the old plow to turn over the soil.
  • sallow She looked very unhealthy, her skin sallow and waxy.
  • tallow The candle was made using tallow extracted from animal fat.
  • wallow The pigs love to wallow in the mud on a hot summer day.
  • willow I will sit in the willow's shade.
  • yellow The sunflower was a bright and beautiful yellow.
  • yellowy She has a yellowy stain on her blouse.

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