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How to spell PELLOWS correctly?

If you've been searching for "pellows" but can't find what you're looking for, fret not! The correct term you're after is "pillows". These soft, cushiony essentials can enhance your comfort and improve your sleep quality. So, focus on "pillows" when you seek to rest your weary head and body.

List of suggestions on how to spell pellows correctly

  • allows
  • bellows The blacksmith used a pair of bellows to stoke the fire.
  • billows The waves were crashing against the shoreline and producing huge billows of water.
  • Cellos The beautiful music filled the room as the cellos played their mournful melody.
  • Fallows The fallows are a fertile area in the field.
  • fellows The group of fellows gathered in the conference room to discuss their research findings.
  • follows The plan follows a step-by-step process.
  • gallows The gallows stood tall and imposing in the center of the town square, a grim reminder of the consequences of defying the law.
  • hallows The hallows are where they keep the relics of the saints.
  • hellos I received numerous hellos from my coworkers when I walked into the office.
  • Mallows
  • mellows She softened the mellows with a small amount of sweet cream.
  • pellets The pellets had little effect on the snake.
  • pillow
  • pillows
  • wallows The pig wallows in the mud puddle.
  • willows The willows are the only tall trees near the river.
  • Yellows The yellows and oranges of the sunset painted the sky with a warm glow.

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