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How to spell PELLS correctly?

The misspelling "pells" can be corrected to "spells" or "pellets". "Spells" refers to a sequence of words used in magic or to describe a period of bad luck. "Pellets" are small, round or cylindrical objects, typically made of compressed matter.

List of suggestions on how to spell pells correctly

  • bells The teacher could hear the bells ringing from the nearby church.
  • cells The purpose of stem cells is to regenerate damaged tissues and organs.
  • dells The dells of Wisconsin are known for their picturesque views and hiking trails.
  • ells The farmer was measuring the depth of the well in his backyard with a rope that had knots tied at regular intervals.
  • fells The shepherd led his flock through the fells and valleys for grazing.
  • jells The sauce needs to simmer a bit longer before it jells.
  • palls The smoke from the factory palls over the town, causing respiratory problems for the residents.
  • peals The peals of thunder echoed across the valley.
  • peels She peels every single grape before eating it.
  • Pella
  • pelts The trapper came back from the woods with a bag full of pelts.
  • Perls
  • pills After taking her prescribed pills, she felt much better and could finally sleep.
  • polls The news anchor announced the latest polls predicting the winner of the upcoming election.
  • pulls She pulls the door handle, but it won't budge.
  • sells The store sells a variety of products from books to electronics.
  • spells She casts spells that make people fall in love with her.
  • tells He tells a different story every time he's asked about what happened.
  • wells The people in the village depend on the wells for clean drinking water.
  • yells My coach always yells at us when we don't perform well in the game.

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