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How to spell PEM correctly?

Possible corrections for the misspelling "pem" could include "pen", "pm", "pet", "penne" or "piem". However, the correct word intended may be unclear without additional context or information.

List of suggestions on how to spell pem correctly

  • DEM I refuse to debate with a DEM.
  • em
  • FEM
  • gem She wore a lovely gem necklace to the ball.
  • hem
  • Pam My Aunt Pam is a marvelous cook.
  • pea
  • peg She used a wooden peg to hold the clothes on the line.
  • pei
  • pen This pen is poisonous.
  • pep She drank some coffee to give her a little pep before her morning meeting.
  • perm I have to perm my hair before I go out tonight.
  • pet Carlo convinced his parents to get a pet after telling them how much he loved animals.
  • pew I sat alone in the empty church pew, listening to the sounds of my own breath echoing off the walls.
  • poem I wrote a love poem for my partner on our anniversary.
  • pom
  • PPM The water should have a PPM of 200-400 to be considered safe for drinking.
  • PYM
  • rem

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