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How to spell PEMIT correctly?

"Pemit" is a commonly misspelled word, often confused with "permit". To avoid this error, we can suggest using spell-check tools, proofreading documents thoroughly, and consulting dictionaries. These simple steps will help ensure that the correct spelling of "permit" is used, enhancing clarity and professionalism in writing.

List of suggestions on how to spell pemit correctly

  • emit
  • EMT The EMT quickly assessed the patient's condition and determined they needed immediate transport to the hospital.
  • hermit The old man lived like a hermit in a small cabin deep in the woods.
  • Kermit
  • limit There is a limit to how much I can accomplish in a day.
  • mit
  • omit I accidentally omit the important details in my report.
  • peat Peat is commonly used as a fuel for heating up homes in certain countries.
  • peewit The peewit flew over the field, calling out its distinctive cry.
  • pelmet She wore a pelmet over her hair to keep it from blowing in the wind.
  • pelt
  • pent The pent-up emotions he had been harboring for months finally erupted in a burst of tears.
  • permit
  • Permits
  • Perot Ross Perot was a billionaire businessman who ran for president as an independent candidate in 1992 and 1996.
  • pert Her pert attitude towards her boss got her fired.
  • pest The mice in the attic were a pesky pest.
  • pet
  • petite She wore a cute, petite dress that accentuated her figure.
  • pewit The pewit bird is commonly found throughout Europe and parts of Asia.
  • pipit The bats were flying around and the pipit was trying to catch up.
  • pit I forgot to put a pit guard on the stove and now there's a pit in the cherrywood countertop.
  • plait She decided to plait her hair into a long braid.
  • posit I would like to posit that teamwork is essential to achieve success.
  • remit I will remit your payment as soon as I receive it.
  • semite
  • vomit I had to clean up the pile of vomit on the carpet.

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