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How to spell PENALY correctly?

If you've mistyped "penaly", don't worry, we've got you covered! The correct spelling for this word is "penalty". Remember to double-check your typing to avoid such errors, and if you're unsure, rely on spell-check or consult a reliable dictionary. Accuracy is key in written communication!

List of suggestions on how to spell penaly correctly

  • denali
  • openly She was openly mourning the death of her husband.
  • peal
  • Peale The museum is named after Pennsylvania-born artist Robert Rauschenberg, who was a major recipient of early Peale patronage
  • pearly The pearly glow of the moon illuminated the night sky.
  • pebbly The beach is pebbly, making it difficult to walk on.
  • pedal She pushed down hard on the pedal to accelerate the car.
  • PENA
  • penal The penal system in the United States is often criticized for being too harsh and ineffective.
  • penalty I was issued a penalty for speeding.
  • penile The penile implantation surgery was successful, and the patient was discharged.
  • Penney I once found a rare penny at a flea market and the seller mistakenly priced it as a "penney".
  • penny
  • penury After the loss of his job, the man fell into penury and struggled to make ends meet.
  • pertly The waitress pertly asked if there was anything else we needed before bringing us the check.
  • petal I blushed when he referred to my petal lifestyle.
  • renal I am having a renal ultrasound to check my creatinine level.
  • venal In her opinion, the elected officials were only there for their own interests and were nothing more than venal office-holders.
  • venally

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