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How to spell PEOLP correctly?

If you often mistype "peolp" instead of "people", fret not! Here are some suggestions to help you correct the misspelling: "people", "peelop", "peoIp", "peopIe". With practice, you'll strengthen your muscle memory and conquer this spelling slip-up.

List of suggestions on how to spell peolp correctly

  • help
  • kelp Kelp is a type of seaweed found in oceans around the world.
  • peal The bells began to peal throughout the village, signaling the start of the festival.
  • Peale Charles Willson Peale was an American painter who is best known for his portrait paintings of American Revolutionary War figures.
  • peel
  • peep I took a quick peep through the window to see if the mailman had arrived.
  • Pele
  • pelf The greedy banker amassed great pelf through unethical means.
  • pelt The rain continued to pelt against the windowpane, creating a soothing sound as I drifted off to sleep.
  • people We saw many people on the street.
  • pep I need some pep in my step to get through this workday.
  • Perl The Perl programming language is useful for writing system utilities.
  • plop The duck let out a loud plop as it landed in the pond.
  • pol
  • pole The bird perched on top of the telephone pole.
  • polk
  • poll The poll indicated that the majority of voters preferred the Democratic candidate over the Republican candidate.
  • polo I won a game of polo with my team last weekend.
  • POLS Many students who major in POLS aspire to become politicians or work in government.
  • polyp before she could speak, she was struck a cheek with a polyp.
  • pomp
  • pool I will be going to the pool after work.
  • POOLE I have a poole in my room.
  • pop
  • prop I forgot my prop for the skit, so I had to improvise.
  • pulp He read a pulp detective novel in his hotel room.
  • yelp The dog let out a loud yelp when I accidentally stepped on its tail.

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