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How to spell PEOPL correctly?

If you're prone to misspelling "people" as "peopl", fear not! Here are some helpful suggestions to get it right: "peel", "pupil", "peppy", "popul", "pedal". Remember to pay attention to that extra "e" for a smooth spelling of "people."

List of suggestions on how to spell peopl correctly

  • peal She heard a peal of laughter coming from the room next door.
  • pearl She wore a beautiful pearl necklace with her elegant dress.
  • pedal She used her foot to press down on the bicycle's pedal and began to ride down the street.
  • peel I need to peel the orange before I can eat it.
  • peep I saw a pigeon peep out from behind its roost.
  • PEEPS Js got peeps in his pants
  • penal Punishment for breaking the law is a penal sentence.
  • people The park was filled with people enjoying the sunshine.
  • peopled The island was once peopled by a tribe that has since moved on.
  • peoples The United Nations is committed to respecting the rights of all peoples around the world.
  • pep I've been drinking coffee all morning to try to put some pep in my step.
  • peppy I like to listen to peppy music while I work out.
  • PEPS I love to drink PEPS on a hot summer day.
  • peril The ship was in peril of being sunk by a large wave.
  • Perl
  • petal The petal of the flower was torn and dirty.
  • plop
  • pol
  • poll He was apparently unaware of the poll results.
  • pool I hope we can get a pool set up for the kids this summer.
  • pop My head feels like it's about to pop.
  • pope The pope is scheduled to visit the country next month.
  • POPS He pops a piece of candy into his mouth.
  • propel The strong tailwind will propel the plane to its destination faster than usual.
  • prowl I was feeling a bit prowl-ish after my date.

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