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How to spell PERIOR correctly?

If you meant "perior" but typed it incorrectly, here are some possible correct suggestions: "prior" meaning earlier in time, "period" referring to a specific length of time, "superior" indicating something of higher quality or status or "interior" describing the inside of a place or object. Double-check your intended meaning and choose the appropriate term.

List of suggestions on how to spell perior correctly

  • error
  • peril
  • period I need to use a tampon during my period.
  • perish If we fail to take action against climate change, many species and habitats will perish.
  • peron
  • Perot He ran for president as Perot the Patriotic.
  • Perrier The Perrier logo is featured on all of their products.
  • Prier When the party was done, Prier offered to take the dishes outside.
  • prion A prion is a protein that can cause neurodegenerative diseases in humans and animals.
  • prior I have a meeting scheduled prior to the presentation.
  • priors Due to his criminal priors, he was not eligible for parole.
  • priory The priory was founded in 1129.
  • Pryor I know Al Gore is also a Pryor fan.
  • superior This is the superior product.

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