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How to spell PERMOTE correctly?

If you find yourself frequently misspelling the word "permote", worry not! The correct spelling is actually "promote". Remember to replace the "r" with an "o". By making this small adjustment, you'll ensure that your written work reflects accuracy and clarity. Keep practicing and soon "promote" will become second nature to you!

List of suggestions on how to spell permote correctly

  • demote The manager decided to demote the employee for repeatedly failing to meet the company's standards.
  • emote The actor knew how to emote and bring the character's emotions to life on stage.
  • permeate The smell of freshly baked bread seemed to permeate every room in the house.
  • permit I forgot to bring my permit to the construction site and was not allowed to enter.
  • Permits The permits for this activity will expire at midnight.
  • permute I permute the words in my head many times everyday.
  • permuted The encryption algorithm permuted the order of the characters in the message to ensure its security.
  • permutes The encryption algorithm permutes the input data to make it unrecognizable to unauthorized users.
  • Perot He was the son of businessman H.L. "Bob" Perot Sr.
  • peyote Occasionally, members of the Native American Church use the hallucinogenic drug peyote in religious ceremonies.
  • promote The company plans to promote the new product through various advertising campaigns.
  • remote She loves spending time alone, but doesn't mind the fact that he lives far away and they stay in touch via remote.

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