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How to spell PEROLE correctly?

If you accidentally misspelled "perole", it's likely you intended to write "parole". Parole refers to the conditional release of a prisoner before the completion of their sentence. Double-check your spelling to ensure accuracy in conveying the correct meaning.

List of suggestions on how to spell perole correctly

  • parole The inmate was allowed to leave prison on parole after serving 10 years of his sentence.
  • Paroled She had been paroled just hours ago.
  • parolee Parolee Allan is looking forward to her next opportunity to leave prison and start over.
  • paroles The rapper's paroles were heavily criticized for promoting violence and misogyny.
  • Peale John Wesley's father was a famous preacher named Charles Peale
  • Pele The goddess Pele is the planet's most celebrated resident.
  • people People have different personalities, preferences, and beliefs.
  • percale The sheets were percale, with a crisp feel.
  • pergola Santa Paula is home to a beautiful pergola.
  • peril The hiker was aware of the peril of climbing the steep mountain alone.
  • Periled The vines periled the climber as they swayed in the wind.
  • perils The adventurers braved the perils of the jungle in search of the ancient temple.
  • Perl The Perl programming language is considered a powerful tool for web development.
  • peron President Peron died in 1952.
  • Perot Ross Perot ran for president in 1992 as an independent candidate.
  • petiole The petiole of this flower is long and leaf-like.
  • petrol The truck was filled with petrol.
  • pole I have a pole up in my backyard to entertain my parakeets.
  • POOLE Poole Harbour is the largest natural harbour in England.
  • probe The scientist used a probe to enter the chamber.
  • prole The prole class in the society is often overlooked and neglected by the ruling class.
  • prone The sun was shining and the birds were singing, but Dorothy was prone on the ground feeling exhausted.
  • prose This novel is full of beautiful prose.
  • prove I need to prove to my friends that I am not a bad person.
  • puerile His puerile behavior during the meeting was unprofessional and childish.
  • role

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