Correct spelling for PERPARTION

We think the word perpartion is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable. For your convenience, we put a usage example below each word

Possible correct spellings for perpartion

  • Palpation(Definition of palpation)
  • The thrill was widely conducted, often apparently superficial on palpation, and much more pronounced with light than with forcible digital pressure.

  • Persuasion(Definition of persuasion)
  • At the time of the popish plot she had been terrified of her life, and it was only at the king's persuasion that she remained in england.

  • Proportion(Definition of proportion)
  • Buck-wheat is cultivated in a large proportion of them: the inhabitants prepare a kind of cake from this grain, of which they are very fond, and which is said to be wholesome.

  • Portion(Definition of portion)
  • It was a poor relief to have to move from one portion of the front line to another, especially as this company had only one subaltern.

  • Petition(Definition of petition)
  • He was then sent to a talmud school, but the talmud did not satisfy his thirst for useful, solid knowledge, so he sent a petition to the king asking for permission to enter the gymnasium.

  • Perception(Definition of perception)
  • Rhymes grew in her mind upon subjects hitherto untouched by her literary perception.

  • Purporting
  • After being absent awhile, he returned with a note purporting to be from calvin, inquiring whether i had made the acquaintance of persons therein named.

  • Permeation(Definition of permeation)
  • These sects sometimes affect a display of hostility to christianity, lest those whom they wish to draw should mistake them for being only missionary ruses for catching them with guile; but, all the same, they are steps, and i think inevitable steps, in the gradual permeation of the country with the religion of christ.

  • Perpetuation(Definition of perpetuation)
  • Intellectual man, changing the face of life with his inventions and artifices, performing telic actions, adjusting himself and his concerns to remote ends and ultimate compensations, will grapple with the problem of perpetuation as he has grappled with that of gravitation.

  • Apportion(Definition of apportion)
  • Individuals apportion themselves to these according to natural talent, skill, option and accident.

  • Perdition(Definition of perdition)
  • These things came home to the drunkards, who had not cared a rush for final perdition.

  • Perversion(Definition of perversion)
  • The tidings of carinthia washed him clean of the grimy district where his waxen sister had developed her stubborn insensibility;-resembling craziness, every perversion of the refinement demanded by young englishmen of their ladies; and it pacified him with the belief that she was now at rest, the disturbed history of their father and mother at rest as well; his conscience in relation to the marriage likewise at rest.

762 words made from the letters perpartion

3 letter words made from perpartion:

oar, art, pin, tip, rep, poe, per, epi, pei, tie, ire, ape, tar, tao, rna, ern, ipo, eta, rip, ron, tap, ppi, pie, poi, one, ter, ear, pre, ani, toe, tia, oat, ane, ret, pan, rot, tor, pot, ain, eat, pro, pat, pea, net, pen, arp, ert, opt, atp, pop, ant, eon, rit, ton, roe, ore, rap, air, orr, tea, tan, tai, pit, tri, apr, nit, are, rio, pep, pet, nap, par, epa, neo, ira, pia, err, not, tin, top, nip, poa, ate, pip, pap, ten, ent, rat, ion, tpn, apt, era.

6 letter words made from perpartion:

ionate, opiate, proine, raneri, pinter, report, protea, perian, parori, peroni, protan, prepon, orient, perino, ortner, ireton, atrine, nappie, patner, pretor, partie, optare, parner, pontie, prater, nipper, parten, popean, einarr, reppan, orneta, ratner, artpop, propan, repton, parrot, penair, erario, pareto, renoir, raptor, ornate, pareti, painer, propre, ponape, anteri, oppian, arpent, piotre, pierro, appert, pentop, parier, pinera, panero, pantie, oranit, prieta, napier, parent, appier, napper, porier, prerna, retain, popera, petipa, errani, pernia, retino, protei, rappen, oparin, preira, artino, inepar, airton, petion, rappin, pernio, inpart, paiton, priore, pinero, pitaro, perton, porten, rapine, porina, airone, arpino, proner, porate, patron, pratie, rianto, aiport, pteria, inapte, papito, piraro, prieto, pinate, netapp, noiret, ranier, naitre, errant, patrie, petino, petnap, pratin, oarier, peoria, ratine, renart, pointe, pirate, pterna, poprin, proper, pintar, piepan, pterin, pirone, pentri, parore, potier, popian, perona, artier, notari, perito, papert, inaroe, reppin, ortena, potnia, petaro, poipet, potpie, apport, papier, aperto, retorn, partin, retiro, pronet, aponte, pripet, petain, entrap, optina, prarie, iteron, porter, pitner, repart, partir, irater, rapier, antero, nipter, parren, reprap, propia, ration, irrate, pierra, petani, porner, entrar, pirner, reitan, pianto, raptio, petron, eprint, reptar, rapino, ranter, poiret, pintor, rinero, pineta, priora, repair, patino, nerita, pepino, atopen, parpen, narter, natore, ratier, perrot, poiner, natori, orpine.

7 letter words made from perpartion:

inotera, painter, appoint, portier, reitano, petrino, partner, terrano, piperno, pterion, pierrot, tirreno, ireport, pontier, peraino, porntip, parreno, patrone, repaint, trainer, portera, protane, tropane, pertain, parieto, tropein, nippert, perroni, poperin, openair, petroni, preriot, aironet, trainor, ornater, partier, rapport, portire, airport, pointer, inapter, protire, rippner, rinorea, retrain, propter, trapper, treanor, arreton, perrino, reprint, propane, propria, protean, operant, pornier, praetor, tripper, pairote, terapon, parione, rippeon, patreon, peorian, parrino, reparto, prorate, priorat, interra, parpent, notaire, netopia, rintaro, repoint, pentair, protein, pinetop, tripora, pronate, terrain, portner, tienpao, apterin, nappier, parenti, paterno, pretnar, printer, rippert, terrian, ranipet, niptera, otarine, rorippa, aretino, pierron, pretrip, apeiron, porneia, entropa, parrent, ratione, atropin, peirano.

5 letter words made from perpartion:

earnt, intar, penia, petai, otani, pirat, perna, oaten, netra, opera, peria, paton, ippen, oater, itera, einat, arnor, erato, nitre, patri, nipro, intoe, nerpa, panto, parto, ianto, nippo, paone, arone, pirna, irate, pipat, ariot, pepin, pitar, niota, noite, ation, nepro, pipra, piner, ippon, nepit, itoen, peran, panti, anier, inter, apter, oteri, orier, apito, norea, nerio, orpen, naper, napro, intro, patrn, epona, neato, appro, epton, papio, patre, piter, paoni, orani, atire, oirat, piton, perno, pieta, inert, patni, arine, atrio, aneto, opter, pinar, onair, atrip, naito, pearn, orpin, paint, opina, paret, piena, pareo, aitor, areni, penor, papin, noire, pater, poena, aiton, peron, atone, natio, otira, patro, orner, etian, iatro, petro, entia, atnip, nitro, oprea, orant, patio, inept, norra, pinte, pipet, paner, otrar, perro, paper, pepto, orten, orena, peror, paino, noria, netop, parni, papen, onate, arent, inapt, oiran, naret, atoni, piron, irone, parot, opper, panet, parri, apron, nario, anter, pitre, nirta, pitra, penta, apion, peira, opine, arpin, intra, parti, enppi, parit, paion, piran, niter, eatin, piano, anrep, iater, niort, pirot, perai, pinto, eiron, orent, oppen, parer, artin, paine, piper, orear, pineo, orate, artio, pirro, piert, piane, panir, otari, poeta, orrie, peano, pirae, nitra, ertan, ntare, arner, nieto, erian, erion, pinot, opeta, paite, erria, irena.