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How to spell PERQE correctly?

"Perqe" is likely a misspelling of the word "per se", meaning "in itself" or "intrinsically". Correct suggestions for the misspelling could include "per se", "perceive" or "perk". However, without context it is difficult to ascertain the intended word and correct the spelling.

List of suggestions on how to spell perqe correctly

  • merge The two companies decided to merge in order to become stronger and more competitive in the market.
  • pare I need to pare down my possessions and get rid of things I no longer need.
  • parse The website's code was difficult to parse due to its complex structure.
  • peace The peace of mind I found after solving the puzzle was priceless.
  • Peale The museum exhibits include a collection of paintings by George Washington Peale.
  • peeve
  • peke The little peke chased the big peke all around the park.
  • pekoe I love drinking pekoe.
  • Pele
  • Pelee
  • perch The bird loves to perch on top of the tree branch.
  • percy Percy was really excited to go to the circus.
  • perk
  • perked She perked up when she heard her favorite song on the radio.
  • PERKS There are perks to having good credit.
  • perky The young woman's perky personality made her popular amongst her peers.
  • Perl Perl is a programming language with a wide variety of uses.
  • perm I need a perm to fix my hair.
  • perry Perry the Platypus enjoys a good mud bath.
  • pert Although the student thought her comment was pert and clever, it was actually quite rude.
  • perth
  • peru I am planning to go to Peru for my next vacation.
  • peruke I am wearing a peruke - a large, cone-shaped hat.
  • PERV
  • Pete I have to call Pete to come over.
  • pewee The Eastern wood pewee sang its melancholy song from the tree.
  • pierce He had to go to the hospital to have a doctor pierce his ear.
  • pierre Pierre is a talented artist who specializes in oil paintings.
  • pore
  • pure I have to go to the pharmacy to get some pure water.
  • puree
  • purge The party purge their leaders in an effort to rebuild their party.
  • purse She reaches for her purse, but finds it missing.
  • pyre The pyre was ablaze with brightly burning logs.
  • serge In France, serge is the traditional woolen fabric used for suits.
  • verge The verge is a sharp, abrupt change in elevation, especially on a slope.

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