What is the correct spelling for PERVAILS?

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Correct spelling for PERVAILS

We think the word pervails is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

Possible correct spellings for pervails

  • pelvis There is no part of the skeleton so characteristically human as the bones which form the pelvis, or bony girdle of the hips.
  • avails But what avails it to dwell on these things?
  • perverts During their meal, also before they commenced to dine and after they had finished, in fact all the time except when they were sleeping, a "human chain" was kept busy fetching from the slum saloon on the ground floor of the building a steady stream of "growlers" filled with beer and diluted, sweetened alcohol, which passed as "whiskey", and returning the empty tin cans for further supplies, as not the small rent of the rooms but the large and steady thirst of their inmates made it very profitable for the dive keepers to lodge this class of human perverts.
  • prevails Where the voluntary system prevails, the poor have to give from their poverty, or go without; and their gifts are so small, that they can purchase but little.
  • devils "You can't expect devils to know what's what," she said, slipping her hand through his arm and throwing up her head in a kind of proud glee.
  • evils What could there ever be as simply grand and tender as Dilsey Quinn's love for her little sister, and her cheerful patience with the evils of a hard and cruel life?
  • portals Siegmund eagerly questions her, but, learning that Sieglinde can never be admitted within its shining portals, passionately declares he cannot leave her.
  • parboils
  • pails
  • pervades
  • pedals
  • petals
  • partials
  • peals
  • perils
  • be-soils
  • be-sotted
  • be-sought
  • co-conspirators
  • coagmenting
  • cross-fertilizes
  • ethicizing
  • danking
  • fast*

437 words made from the letters pervails

5 letter words made from pervails:

peras, ilave, pires, lapsi, evils, pvris, vlaie, piver, searl, livas, savir, serva, vasep, perai, peira, lapse, speal, alevi, salve, ivers, parsi, paris, leiva, asper, sepal, pisar, avels, aliev, siler, elpis, peals, peria, prise, speil, reais, pries, pliva, viser, selar, spali, liepa, prela, serpa, spile, preas, alver, ravil, alper, spail, alier, laver, salpe, pleas, alers, plavi, srila, lerps, perls, riels, ivrea, paesi, psila, rails, ervil, rivas, sapir, vrils, peral, sailv, liver, servi, vires, vales, leirs, plies, spier, aspie, reial, reals, velar, vails, alves, salir, rials, salvi, laves, spaer, reali, arils, parli, prile, pares, salie, rapel, elvas, alesi, aries, ivars, selva, laser, piela, spiel, april, plesa, versi, riles, rival, valis, valer, slavi, spare, plier, sarli, pairs, pilar, lirae, spire, paler, vilar, rapil, liras, pavis, sirpa, veals, lepas, savel, pelas, liars, revis, valse, aspel, aiver, parve, vials, piave, saver, spear, ailes, pearl, sarel, raise, alire, vares, piles, viles, veras, viera, asier, reila, ravel, sirve, levis, seral, sepia, parev, pales, alpes, pirae, avers, sarpi, slerp, silva, sapei, sliva, alive, viars, repas, sipra, vasil, spela, pesar, vlies, persi, liera, leaps, virsa, asvel, viers, seria, viral, siple, aisle, arise, vraie, vaire, pilea, vairs, isler, pasir, saive, lavis, selvi, paser, lipes, parse, arpel, resia, varie, vleis, viale, eliav, salei, viler, asirv, vilas, pails, virls, velir, laers, vaper, leira, presi, verpa, pesra, varsi, veils, ispra, peril, saler, arpil, saper, reaps, slipe, liers, aesir, lairs, ilves, vespa, isaev, veria, viper, slier, repla, slave, pivar, velas, pavie, silpa, sperl.

4 letter words made from pervails:

3 letter words made from pervails:

ivp, rap, evl, iva, vie, res, lei, lea, lap, pel, ras, ira, ipv, esr, apr, pre, ail, sip, pea, ali, lip, pes, lie, ape, air, ies, liv, lev, ler, are, lav, ale, pas, vip, spa, sap, pei, rep, arp, var, pia, lvi, era, pal, lir, epi, ear, rip, psi, epa, vas, alp, sle, par, als, sea, pva, psa, asl, per, pie, asp, sir, irs, rev, sep, ire.

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