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How to spell PESENTREN correctly?

If you meant to type "pesantren", a term referring to traditional Islamic boarding schools in Southeast Asia, here are a few possible suggestions for correcting the misspelling: "pesantren", "pesantran" or "pesantaran". These alternatives should help ensure accurate understanding and communication in discussions related to Islamic education and Indonesian culture.

List of suggestions on how to spell pesentren correctly

  • Mesentery The mesentery is a vital part of the digestive system, providing support and stability to the intestines.
  • Presented The professor presented his research findings to the panel of experts.
  • Presenter The presenter engaged the audience with his interactive presentation style.
  • Presenters The presenters captivated the audience with their dynamic and engaging presentation.
  • Presentment The lawyer made a strong presentment of the evidence to the court.
  • Resented She resented her colleague for taking credit for her ideas.
  • Resentment She couldn't help but feel a sense of resentment towards her coworker who took credit for her idea.
  • Seventeen I can't believe my little sister is turning seventeen tomorrow.

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