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How to spell PETAR correctly?

If you meant to type "Peter" instead of "petar", here are some possible correct suggestions. "Peter" is a common name, so you can try variations like "Pete" or "Petr" for shorter alternatives. Additionally, double-check your spelling and ensure autocorrect is turned on to prevent similar misspellings in the future.

List of suggestions on how to spell petar correctly

  • par I played golf yesterday and shot a par on the last hole.
  • pea I don't like peas, but I don't mind eating pea soup.
  • pear
  • peat The farmers spread peat on their land as fertilizer.
  • pet I have a pet frog.
  • petal She picked up a petal from the ground and placed it in her hair.
  • petard He was hoisted by his own petard when his attempt to embarrass his opponent backfired on him.
  • Pete
  • peter
  • Petra Petra is a beautiful ancient city located in Jordan.
  • petty He criticized her for being petty.
  • pewter My grandmother's pewter pitcher has been passed down for generations in our family.
  • pita I love making sandwiches with pita bread.
  • PTA
  • ptah King Tutankhamun was buried with a treasure trove of objects bearing the name of the god Ptah.
  • tar The car was covered in thick tar.
  • tear She felt a tear roll down her cheek as she read the heartbreaking news.

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