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How to spell PETTTY correctly?

The correct spelling for "pettty" is "petty". Common misspellings can be frustrating, but don't worry! To ensure accuracy, double-check your spelling using spell check tools or reference guides. Remember to remain attentive while typing, as small errors can easily go unnoticed.

List of suggestions on how to spell pettty correctly

  • Betty
  • getty
  • jetty The fishermen built their wooden cabin on the rocky jetty overlooking the ocean.
  • patty I had a delicious hamburger patty for dinner last night.
  • peaty The whiskey had a strong peaty flavor, reminding me of the Scottish moors.
  • pertly She approached the podium pertly and confidently announced her topic for the presentation.
  • petite She wore a petite black dress to the party.
  • Petted
  • pettily She pettily kept bringing up the old argument.
  • petty The petty complaint was ridiculous.
  • potty After drinking so much water, the child had to use the potty.
  • pretty I think your dress looks pretty.
  • putty

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