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How to spell PHINES correctly?

If you meant to type "phones" but ended up with "phines", worry not! Autocorrect mishaps befall the best of us. To correct the misspelling, simply replace the "ph" with "pho" and add an "s" at the end. Voila! The word "phines" transforms into the proper spelling "phones."

List of suggestions on how to spell phines correctly

  • chines
  • chinese I love eating Chinese food, it's always so flavorful and satisfying.
  • CHINS Winston Churchill had chins like Donald Duck.
  • dines
  • fines If you park illegally, you will have to pay fines.
  • Hines I have a meeting with Hines at three P.M.
  • hinges The door wouldn't close because one of the hinges was broken.
  • hones
  • Ines Irene Ines is a fashion designer.
  • LINEs The lines at the grocery store were long and frustrating.
  • MINES I went to the mines to see the miners.
  • NINES The quarterback threw the ball to his receiver who caught it and ran it in for a touchdown, scoring six points and bringing their total score up to twenty-seven, leaving them at nines.
  • pains She went to the doctor because she was experiencing stomach pains.
  • panes I need some panes for my window.
  • PHIS
  • phone Call me on my phone.
  • phones She was trying to get her phones out of her bag but they were stuck together.
  • phonies Their duplicity was obvious and I couldn't believe they were phonies.
  • pines
  • pins I need some pins to attach this piece of fabric.
  • pones The pizza pones were delicious.
  • Shiners I keep a box of Shiners in my desk drawer.
  • shines
  • SHINS I accidentally kicked the edge of the table and hurt my shins.
  • SINEs The SINEs emanate from the surface of the sun.
  • thins She hopes that the new diet pills will help her thins quickly.
  • tines I can't promise that this steak will be tender, because the tines on the fork are rather blunt.
  • vines The vines grew along the trellis, creating a beautiful display of foliage.
  • whiners
  • whines The dog whines whenever his owner leaves the house.
  • Wines I'll pour some wines for the party.

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