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How to spell PICEES correctly?

If you mistyped "picees" and meant Pisces, here are some possible suggestions to correct it. Pisces refers to the twelfth astrological sign in the zodiac and is often associated with intuition and empathy. So, make sure to use the correct spelling to accurately represent this water sign.

List of suggestions on how to spell picees correctly

  • dices I need to grab the dices before we start playing the game.
  • ices Ices are a popular party drink.
  • pacers The Pacers won their game against the Hawks last night.
  • PACES I am trying to keep up with the PACES of my fellow runners in the marathon.
  • PEES
  • pickers
  • picks I always make sure to have my picks with me when I go shopping.
  • PICS I love looking at old family pics to see what my relatives looked like.
  • pieces After Sarah broke the vase, she tried to glue the pieces back together.
  • Piers After he left the party, Piers decided to go home and write a paper on the history of pierogi.
  • PIES Mom always made pies for dessert.
  • pikes The soldiers held long pikes to defend themselves from the charging cavalry.
  • piles My bookshelves are so full that I have piles of books on the floor.
  • Pincers The crab's pincers were large and menacing.
  • pines The scent of the pines filled the forest as we walked deeper into the woods.
  • pipes The plumber spent all day replacing the old pipes in the basement.
  • pisces In Pisces, we are always seeking understanding and connection with others.
  • pisses
  • pitches The baseball player has a great variety of pitches in his repertoire.
  • Pixies I really miss the Pixies.
  • Prices Prices continue to rise across the United States.
  • Spices I love to cook with a variety of spices to add flavor to my food.
  • vices Smoking, drinking alcohol, and gambling are considered to be vices by many people.

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