Correct spelling for PICUTES

We think the word picutes is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

Possible correct spellings for picutes

  • pockets Adam stood with his hands in his pockets as he had been doing while his visitor was speaking.
  • pacts Throwing to the winds all shreds of honour and conscionable restraint, all vestiges of a sea-respect for non-combatants and neutrals, the pacts and bounds of international law-the humane sea-usages that spared women and children and stricken wounded-the decivilized German set up the banners of a stark piracy, an ocean anarchy, to whose lieutenants the sea-wolves of an earlier age were but feeble enervated weaklings.
  • piques He still cleaves to his cook; dancing with her is a tour de force, on which he piques himself.
  • pictures The pictures of the pyramids are misleading.
  • PICOTS The picots are made after the method directed at the illustration of point de Venise bars in the department devoted to stitches.
  • packets The irregularity of the French packets has diverted elsewhere the tide of passengers who used to furnish me occasions of writing to you, without permitting my letters to go through the post-office.
  • Piaget's Ernst von Glasersfeld developed radical constructivism by coupling Piaget's theory of learning and philosophical viewpoint about the nature of knowledge with Kants rejection of an objective reality independent of human perception or reason.

149 words made from the letters picutes

5 letter words made from picutes:

piets, cupit, suite, stice, puits, siptu, putes, ciste, cetus, epist, setup, septi, cseti, tepui, cutes, scute, scupi, icest, uisce, tices, tisue, cutis, picus, scuti, tieup, cites, piest, spice, piste, ictus, tupis, cuits, puces, sicut, pties, etuis, piute, tepic, pusic, spite, pesti, siput, situp, pesci, epics, upset, stipe.

3 letter words made from picutes:

pes, cue, pct, cis, cup, ice, pic, utc, cpi, psi, tie, icu, cps, epi, pst, sue, tec, stp, cut, ies, tiu, ect, cst, use, sip, pit, pie, tic, sit, pei, sep, est, tup, pet, tip, set, ute, sec, tcp, etc, put, pus, sic, sup.

4 letter words made from picutes:

ptui, cuti, tieu, pute, icse, cuit, ices, pits, suit, tupi, etui, pust, pest, cite, epic, suet, scet, puce, spec, setu, iesu, tips, spit, puts, cuts, tepi, ties, cute, tuis, teip, sect, step, tsui, scut, upis, pitu, peut, tipu, puse, tues, uict, cusp, sept, pecs, scup, cups, site, spic, spue.

6 letter words made from picutes:

cuties, cueist, upties, septic, pucest, pictus, puiset, pectus, cutsie.

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