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How to spell PIILS correctly?

If you're searching for the correct spelling of "piils", it might be a misspelling for "pills". This common error could be corrected with slight alterations to the word. Double-check your writing to ensure accuracy, and consider using proper grammar and spell-check tools to prevent such mistakes in the future.

List of suggestions on how to spell piils correctly

  • pail I filled the pail with sand at the beach.
  • pails I put the garbage in the pails.
  • palls The thick fog palls over the city, obscuring everything from view.
  • pals My dear pals and I went on a hiking trip this weekend.
  • PAWLS The ratcheting mechanism was failing to engage because of worn pawls.
  • peals
  • peels
  • perils In order to cross the treacherous cliffs, be prepared for the perils of the seas.
  • PIES I love baking pies on the weekends.
  • pile There is a massive pile of dirty clothes in the laundry room.
  • piles He had piles of paperwork to organize before the end of the day.
  • pill I need to take my medicine, so I'm going to swallow this pill.
  • pills
  • PIS I have PIS.
  • Pius Pius XII was the Pope of the Catholic Church during World War II.
  • plies The carpenter used different types of plies of wood to construct the table.
  • polls The polls indicated that the majority of voters supported the incumbent candidate.
  • POLS I am studying POLS, which stands for political science.
  • pools The hotel has both indoor and outdoor swimming pools.
  • pulls She pulls on the cord to turn on the lamp.
  • Pupils The teacher distributed new textbooks to all her pupils in the classroom.
  • purls She expertly knitted the scarf, creating a delicate pattern of purls and knits.
  • spiels I'll pick up some of your cards, and we can play some spiels.
  • spills I always make sure to have paper towels nearby in case of spills.
  • spoils After winning the football game, the team celebrated with spoils including trophies and champagne.

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