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How to spell PINKYS correctly?

If you've mistakenly typed "pinkys" instead of "pinkies", fear not! Here are some helpful suggestions to correct your misspelling. First, try "pinkies" - it refers to little fingers. Alternatively, you could replace it with "pinks", which may denote pink flowers or a color shade. Remember to proofread to avoid such errors!

List of suggestions on how to spell pinkys correctly

  • finks Some people who call themselves friends can be real finks when it comes to keeping secrets.
  • inks The artist carefully selected the various inks needed for the printmaking project.
  • jinks Last night's party was full of jinks and mischief.
  • kinks She had twists and turns in her hair that gave her a kinks look.
  • links He sent me links to several interesting articles he had found online.
  • minks The minks escaped from their enclosure at the zoo.
  • picks She always picks the best apples from the basket.
  • pikes The soldiers marched towards the enemy lines with their pikes held high.
  • Pincus In high school, Pincus was the captain of the debate team.
  • pines The pines smell like Christmas.
  • pink
  • pinkeye I had a nasty pinkeye infection and it was really uncomfortable.
  • pinkie My little pinkie is getting bigger every day!
  • pinkies My mom says pinkies are the cutest things.
  • pinkish The sky was a rather light pinkish color.
  • pinko Pinko spotted in the garden!
  • pins I have pins in my fingers from when I was sewing.
  • pints I've got six pints of beer left.
  • punks The neighborhood was known for its rowdy punks who often caused trouble.
  • rinks Rinks offer an outdoor skating experience for residents and visitors in the winter.
  • sinks
  • winks He winks at her and smiles mischievously, making her heart skip a beat.

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