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How to spell PIWER correctly?

If you've mistakenly typed "piwer" instead of "power", don't worry, it happens to everyone! Auto-correct can be a savior, but sometimes it fails. Remember to double-check your spelling and consider these likely alternatives: "power", "pier", "pewter" or "piper". These suggestions can help correct your misspelling and avoid confusion.

List of suggestions on how to spell piwer correctly

  • bower She sat in the bower beneath the rose arbor, enjoying the sweet fragrance and the gentle breeze.
  • cower The timid cat began to cower under the table when she heard thunder.
  • dower My grandmother left me her dower of antique jewelry.
  • ewer She placed the beautiful silver ewer on the washstand beside the matching basin.
  • fewer The fewer children we have, the easier it will be to take care of them.
  • hewer The hewer cut down trees in the forest with his axe.
  • lower I hope to lower my blood sugar levels with a new diet.
  • mower I need to use the mower to cut the long grass in my backyard.
  • NEWER The newer version of the software has additional features and improved performance.
  • pacer She was a pacer in her running group.
  • pager I'm going to need my pager if I'm going to make it to my appointment on time.
  • paler I'm paler than I was last week.
  • paper I need a pen and paper to write down my notes.
  • parer
  • Pawed The kitten pawed at the ball of yarn before finally pouncing on it.
  • payer As a responsible citizen, I always ensure to be a timely payer of all my taxes.
  • peer
  • peter
  • pewee The pewee chirped loudly, announcing its presence in the forest.
  • pewter The antique shop had a beautiful collection of pewter dishes on display.
  • picker I need a picker to help me with the trash.
  • pie I'm going to have a slice of your pie.
  • pied The bird's feathers were pied with black and white spots.
  • pier I love taking walks on the pier and watching the sunset over the water.
  • Piers The tourist attraction was located on the piers overlooking the ocean.
  • PIES I bought three apple pies for Thanksgiving dinner.
  • pike He went fishing for pike in the lake.
  • piker I don't want to be a piker and skip out on paying my share of the bill.
  • pile I staggered under the weight of the pile of textbooks.
  • pine
  • Piney The air was crisp and piney as we hiked through the forest.
  • pipe The old man was repairing a pipe.
  • piper In the black forest there is a spot known as Piper's Cave.
  • poker He won a lot of money playing poker.
  • poser I knew she was just a poser when she claimed to be a die-hard punk fan, but couldn't name a single band.
  • powder
  • power The scientist has the power to control the experiment.
  • powers My sister has powers that no one else does.
  • Prier I always prier before going to bed at night.
  • purer The water in the lake was much purer than the water in the river.
  • rawer I prefer my steak to be cooked less, so it is still quite rawer than others may like.
  • rower The rower paddled her boat through the calm lake at sunrise.
  • sewer A sewer is a necessary part of every city.
  • sower The sower went through the field spreading seeds for the harvest.
  • spewer
  • tower The tower in the center of town provides a stunning view of the surrounding countryside.
  • viewer I am the viewer.
  • viper
  • wiper He replaced the worn wiper blades on his car before the next rain storm.

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