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How to spell PIZES correctly?

If you are constantly misspelling "pizes", here are some correct suggestions to keep in mind. The correct spelling of the word you might be looking for could be prizes, pies, pines, pipes or paces. Always double-check to ensure you are using the right word in your context.

List of suggestions on how to spell pizes correctly

  • fizzes It fizzes when you pour it.
  • ices Ices look weird when they are in the shape of a cone.
  • PACES The employee is taking his/her allotted number of walking paces.
  • PEES I always take my dog for a walk so he pees outside.
  • Pfizer The pharmaceutical company Pfizer manufactures many medications.
  • PICS I took a bunch of pics of the sunset.
  • pieces I need to find all the missing pieces of this puzzle to complete it.
  • Piers The piers at the waterfront were crowded with fishermen trying to catch the biggest fish.
  • PIES Whenever I go to bake pies, I always get tired.
  • Pigs The farmer raises a group of pigs on his farm.
  • pikers The pikers in our group were unprepared for the challenge.
  • pikes The soldiers marched forward with their pikes held high.
  • piles She had piles of laundry to fold after her vacation.
  • pines I can smell the fresh scent of the pines in the air.
  • pins I need to buy some pins for my sewing project.
  • pious The pious woman prayed every day at church.
  • pipers I love to listen to the pipers when I go walking in the woods.
  • pipes
  • PIPS I lost all my pips on the game board and had to forfeit the game.
  • piques The new exhibit at the museum piques my interest in art history.
  • PIS
  • pisces My zodiac sign is Pisces, which means I am known for being creative, intuitive, and compassionate.
  • pisses
  • Pities He pities the homeless person he sees on his way to work every day.
  • pits Look at the pits in front of the building.
  • Pius Pope Pius XII was a devout man who always showed respect for others.
  • Pixies I saw a pack of Pixies on my walk this morning.
  • pizza I'm buying pizza for our party.
  • plies The carpenter carefully measured and cut the plies of wood for the cabinet.
  • poises His body poises perfectly in the sand.
  • poses The new playground equipment poses a safety risk for young children.
  • poxes Before the invention of vaccinations, people died all the time from diseases like smallpox, measles, and other poxes.
  • PRES She was looking forward to the party, but she was a little worried about the pres.
  • Prices Please list the prices of the tickets.
  • pries Pries are helpful spirits in German and Scandinavian folklore.
  • prize I'll give you a prize if you can solve the equation.
  • prizes This year's prizes are a trip to Spain and a Nintendo Wii!
  • seizes
  • size I wish the dress size I tried on would have fit.
  • Sizer
  • sizes The shoe store carries sizes ranging from a child's size 5 up to an adult size 13.
  • Spices I like to add a little bit of spices to my food to give it a little bit of flavor.
  • Spies The spies were able to infiltrate the enemy's stronghold undetected.

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