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How to spell PLADGE correctly?

The misspelling "pladge" could be corrected to "pledge", which means to make a solemn promise or commitment. Other possible suggestions could include "badge", "pledger" or "pledging". It's important to double check spelling before submitting important documents or messages to ensure clear communication.

List of suggestions on how to spell pladge correctly

  • kludge The Kludge Room is a cluttered mess.
  • large The elephant was a large animal, towering over the trees.
  • ledge
  • lodge We will be staying in a cozy lodge in the mountains during our vacation.
  • page
  • paige
  • place I want to visit a new place this summer.
  • plague The plague swept through the city, taking the lives of thousands.
  • plaice I love to eat plaice, especially when it's breaded and fried to perfection.
  • plane I always dream of being on a plane.
  • plaque The dentist removed the plaque buildup on my teeth during my last check-up appointment.
  • plate I'll have a plate of that stuff.
  • platte On the platte, the hooves of the horses created a upthrusting terrain.
  • pledge On behalf of our school, we pledge to work hard and obey the rules.
  • pledged He pledged to donate money to the charity at the end of the year.
  • pledges After making the pledges, the students were asked to put their hands together.
  • plunge After a moment of hesitation, she took a deep breath and decided to plunge into the cold water.
  • sledge I'm going to use my sledge to smash the frozen lemon.
  • sludge The EPA has been working to cleanup the sludge from the site.
  • splodge I accidentally dropped my paintbrush and it left a large splodge of paint on the canvas.

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