Correct spelling for PLAEC

We think the word plaec is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

Possible correct spellings for plaec

  • lac In order to reach the camp on Lac du Sablier from the tiny railroad station at Saint Hubert, a trip of some eight miles up the decharge was necessary.
  • lack How can anyone be so ignorant or be filled with such a lack of wisdom!
  • lake You'd better go for a walk by the lake, but you may come in the afternoon if you like and help to turn the grass over."
  • leak There was a good deal of water in her, and I concluded from this that she must have lain several days without being used, for she was a craft that did not leak very fast.
  • pac Local assistance and in-house support with CALEA Accreditation Programs are provided by a network of organizations called Police Accreditation Coalitions, or PAC for short.
  • pack There was not the slightest evidence that his pack had been opened or even disturbed.
  • page He waved his cigar at the open page.
  • pal "Isn't being a pal just refusing to admit a limit?
  • palace Does your highness intend to take this-this person to the palace?
  • pale Barbarina turned pale and trembled.
  • pall Troubled to hear how proud and idle Pall is grown, that I am resolved not to keep her.
  • pc Joseph Lister, 1st Baron Lister, OM PC PRS FRS (5 April 1827 – 10 February 1912), known between 1883 and 1897 as Sir Joseph Lister, Bt.
  • peak The ship by which Antony had travelled to the Cape, had sailed straight out; it had passed the peak of Teneriffe at a distance.
  • peal It was a peal of laughter, loud, evil, triumphant; and, as if it had been a signal, other mocking voices took it up, until the great vault rang to a fiendish din.
  • peck After giving her a peck Scratchfoot left the house.
  • pile On reaching Quenington we catch a glimpse of the river, whilst high up on the hill to our right stands the great pile of Hatherop Castle.
  • pillage Bees distinguish strangers only by the smell: hence, so connected, they will not quarrel or pillage.
  • place Old Wittals, who happened to come down that morning, assisted in placing the bags of wheat in the little vessel, and helped to place Moodie at the stern.
  • placer "They're a lot more tractable than that woman of yours," said Placer.
  • plague It's a sort of disease that spreads like the plague."
  • plaice Alaska plaice (Pleuronectes quadrituberculatus) is a saltwater fish that live in the North Pacific Ocean.
  • plaid Toward the middle of a fine afternoon in early September Dr. Hargrave and his daughter-in-law drove to the railway station in the ancient and roomy phaeton which was to Saint X as much part of his personality as the aureole of glistening white hair that framed his majestic head, or as the great plaid shawl that had draped his big shoulders with their student stoop every winter day since anyone could remember.
  • plain I wonder if you think of me as I am-plain, plain?
  • plait There were not many people abroad at this early hour, but the few there were, stood still and looked in amazement after the half-grown girl in white, whose thick black plait of hair sawed up and down as she ran; and a man with mop and bucket, who was washing statues, stopped his work and whistled, and winked at Pin as she passed.
  • plan "Oh, no, no; that is not a good plan-we have not the time.
  • planck Disadvantage: Hawking radiation must stop before the black hole reaches the Planck size, which requires a violation of semi-classical gravity at a macroscopic scale.
  • plane Nitetis and her retinue now halted at a long brick house, roofed with asphalte, and surrounded by a grove of plane-trees.
  • planer What I mean is this: If some plastic substance, say a thick coating of mud in the street, be leveled off true, and a board be laid upon it, it will fit, but if two heavy weights be placed on the ends, the center will be thrown up in the air far away from the mud; so, too, will the same thing occur if a perfectly straight bar of cast iron be placed on a perfectly straight planer bed-the two will fit; but when the ends of the bar are bolted down, the center of the bar will be up to a surprising degree.
  • plank It was more than an hour before I approached the inner surface of the plank.
  • plano 1. Inference from particular to particular by Experientia Literata, in plano;
  • plaque They were not large; they were soft, milky-white, marvellously manicured, each nail a plaque of carmine enamel.
  • plash It looked extraordinarily tiny as it stood, a fluffy handful, staring away from the noisy water, its thin cry floating over the plash of waves.
  • plat Shortly after the men on the right flank at the Plat Kop had also to retire.
  • plate "So's your father got his name on a brass plate," sneered Dicksee.
  • plath
  • plato
  • platy
  • play
  • player
  • plaza
  • plea
  • plead
  • pleat
  • pleb
  • pluck
  • plug
  • pole
  • polka
  • pollack
  • pule
  • Paled The negro almost paled, and then, with a look at a blacksnake whip that hung on the barn door, grinned.
  • Plied
  • Pele Later, Pele was seen to wear an Aertex shirt when he played briefly for the New York Cosmos.
  • Alec The camp at this depot was fixed on the soft, sandy bed of the Ashburton, close to the junction of the east creek, which Alec and I had followed up.
  • Paley On January 12th we went to spend Saturday to Monday with Major and Mrs. Paley at Meerut.
  • Peale Artist and inventor Charles Willson Peale received the first patent for a covered bridge in 1797.
  • Plays
  • pleas
  • plies
  • LC Central American least shrew, Cryptotis orophila DD North American least shrew, Cryptotis parva LC Tropical small-eared shrew, Cryptotis tropicalis DD ungrouped/relict Enderss small-eared shrew, Cryptotis endersi EN Talamancan small-eared shrew, Cryptotis gracilis VU Genus: Sorex Subgenus Otisorex Verapaz shrew, Sorex veraepacis LC Subgenus Incertae sedis Saussures shrew, Sorex saussurei LC Sclaters shrew, Sorex sclateri CR San Cristobal shrew, Sorex stizodon CR Veracruz shrew, Sorex veraecrucis LC
  • PL The oblique and serial arrangement of the muscular fibres of the internal oblique, F, Pl.
  • PARC The young lady expects to lie in in five or six days; you will dine with her, and will not leave her till she is in a state of health to return to the Parc-aux-cerfs, which she may do in a fortnight, as I imagine, without running any risk.
  • PYLE
  • paler Except that he was paler than usual, his face bore no trace of emotion.
  • pales These colors it will hold until the maples take fire and the green of birches pales to softest yellow at the expectation of October.
  • academicians The Academy holds a hundred thousand pounds in trust, left by Mr. Chantry for the furtherance of art in this country; and this money is spent on the purchase of pictures by impecunious Academicians, and the collection formed with this money is one of the seven horrors of civilisation.

31 words made from the letters plaec

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alp, pea, apc, ace, pal, aec, pel, cpa, lea, pac, lac, ale, epa, lap, ape, cap.

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