Correct spelling for PLAESED

We think the word plaesed is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

Possible correct spellings for plaesed

  • glassed You'll love the Markovitchs' hotel, ma dearie, right near the boardwalk, and the grandest glassed-in porch and-and chairs, and-and nooks, and things.
  • lapsed But look, look here; I know such a nice'-a glance round, to make sure that no lady was within earshot; and the conversation lapsed into a still more confidential whisper.
  • leased He told everybody he leased it, but really he bought it.
  • palisade I saw nothing but a little village, surrounded by a wooden palisade.
  • palsied The figure advanced a few steps towards him; and what words can describe his astonishment when he beheld thus erect, and in full possession of physical power and motion, the palsied cripple whose chair he had often seen wheeled into the garden, and whose unhappy state was the common topic of comment in the servants' hall!
  • placed It was placed under the command of Gen.
  • placid Have I been such a placid, contented, comfortable man this last six months, that when I find a chance to forget my misery, I should take such pains not to profit by it?
  • plagued Once when the anguish of sin had plagued her with disturbing dreams, Christ came and gave her His own heart in exchange for hers.
  • planned Probably they had planned it out of his hearing.
  • plaster Some soldiers in the hallway outside finally lighted torches; red reflections danced over the torn ceiling and plaster-covered floor, illuminating a corner where the Countess was sitting by the bedside, her head lying on the covers.
  • played "You didn't play the other night as you have played to-day.
  • plead I claim your promised pardon, and wish to plead it on my knees.
  • please Just a moment, if you please.
  • pleased He could go where he pleased.
  • pleated In spite of the heat, he wore a long coat and an old-fashioned, high collar, a black tie, under which was exposed a triangle of immaculate, pleated linen.
  • pulsed But he had never heard of any natural phenomenon in space that emitted pulsed signals in random fashion.
  • Classed "Didn't you suppose he classed us with Burnamy in that business?
  • Paled Denver paled and groaned.
  • Palled
  • Parsed
  • Passed
  • Paused
  • Pealed
  • Plaited
  • Planed
  • Platted
  • Plated
  • Pleaded
  • Pleasured
  • Praised
  • pleas
  • pleases
  • plates
  • pales
  • palest
  • plashed
  • academicians No, but men should not be elected Academicians merely because their pictures are bought by City men, and this is just what is done.
  • in-stalling

140 words made from the letters plaesed

3 letter words made from plaesed:

ese, alp, lad, sap, sad, ale, das, pes, sep, sle, edp, see, dle, pad, psa, asl, asp, adp, pdl, epa, eel, pas, spa, led, eld, des, pee, pal, pea, lea, lsd, ape, lee, dal, sea, pel, ade, als, lap.

4 letter words made from plaesed:

5 letter words made from plaesed:

lades, deals, paese, pleas, salpe, delap, pedle, leeds, lapse, edale, deepa, ledes, speal, lepas, eales, daele, spade, aseel, spead, aedes, leaps, speed, alpes, pedal, dease, plesa, spela, speld, easel, seeld, dales, peled, plead, deeps, sleep, pales, pelea, leape, peals, delas, peles, peels, easle, sepal, eased, leads, deles, epeda, sepad, splee, padle, pelas, eades, apsed, seale, aspel, lease, speel, leepa.

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