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How to spell PLAGES correctly?

Possible correct suggestions for the misspelling "plages" could be "pages", "places" or "plates". It is important to consider the context in which the word is being used to determine the correct spelling. Additionally, using a spellcheck tool or consulting a dictionary can also help identify the correct spelling of the word.

List of suggestions on how to spell plages correctly

  • lagers
  • lagos
  • lags My computer lags when I have too many programs open at once.
  • lakes I love going to the lakes on the weekend.
  • larges
  • loges She took a seat at the loges table.
  • pagers She could hear the pagers beeping in the distance.
  • PAGES I need to pages a document.
  • pales The beauty of the garden pales in comparison to the magnificent view of the mountains.
  • pillages The invading army pillages villages and towns as they advance through the country.
  • place
  • places Laura loved going to the places she had been visiting as a child.
  • plague With the plague looming, the city was in a panic.
  • plagues The recent outbreak of the coronavirus plagues many countries around the world.
  • planes The airplanes flew in formation, tracing out intricate patterns in the sky with their graceful planes.
  • plaques The museum had an impressive collection of ancient Egyptian plaques.
  • plates Please bring my plates to the kitchen.
  • Plays She always plays her favorite music on the car ride home.
  • pledges Many people make pledges to donate money or time to charitable organizations.
  • plies
  • plugs I need some plugs for my heater.
  • plunges When the temperature drops, the lake water plunges to freezing temperatures.

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