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How to spell PLALYED correctly?

If you've accidentally typed "plalyed" instead of "played", fear not! Here are a couple of suggestions to correct this misspelling: "played" is the correct spelling for past tense of "play", while "player" refers to someone who engages in a game or sport. Double-check your spelling and stay confident in your writing!

List of suggestions on how to spell plalyed correctly

  • Flayed The executioner flayed the criminal's skin as punishment for their crimes.
  • Paled The bright colors of the sunset paled in comparison to the colorful art on the gallery walls.
  • Palled The excitement palled as the disappointing news sank in.
  • Palmed He palmed the card so that no one else could see what it said.
  • payed
  • Pealed I pealed the olives off the tree.
  • placed
  • plagued This city has been plagued by crime for years.
  • Plaited She had plaited her hair into a neat braid before going to bed.
  • Planed The wood was planed smoothly to create a flat surface.
  • Planked The salmon was planked and cooked to perfection on the cedar board.
  • planned We had a planned schedule for the whole day.
  • planted
  • plashed The water plashed against the rocks as the waves crashed onto the shore.
  • Plated She had a brightly-colored plated tank top on.
  • Platted She had the chessboard platted with different colors of wood.
  • played
  • player
  • Prayed She prayed every night before going to bed.
  • slayed The warrior slayed the dragon and saved the kingdom.
  • splayed The cat splayed its paws out, trying to grab onto the toy mouse.

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