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How to spell PLASA correctly?

If you're searching for the meaning of "plasa" or are trying to correct its misspelling, it might actually be "plaza". Other possible correct suggestions include "place", "pulse", "plasma", and "pasta". Double-check your intended word to ensure you're spelling it correctly.

List of suggestions on how to spell plasa correctly

  • LASE Scientists have been able to lase individual atoms, which could revolutionize communication.
  • lass The lass sitting in the corner of the room was knitting a sweater.
  • lassa
  • Lesa Lesa is a good friend.
  • Lisa
  • pas
  • pass
  • Peas I always have peas for dinner.
  • pisa The Italian city of Pisa is home to a well-preserved medieval tower.
  • place I'm going to meet you at the designated place at 7 PM.
  • plans
  • plash The sound of the waves as they plash against the shore is soothing.
  • plasma Plasma is a state of matter in which atoms or molecules are ionized, resulting in a mixture of electrons and positively charged ions.
  • PLATS The chef prepared three different plats for the tasting menu.
  • play I would love to play games with you.
  • Plays She always plays too hard.
  • plaza I'm going to my friend's house, but I'll meet you at the plaza afterwards.
  • plea He entered a plea of guilty to the charges.
  • pleas My pleas for help went unanswered.
  • please Can I please have my drink now?
  • plus To make the salad, I added some plus vinegar and olive oil.

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