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How to spell PLATTEN correctly?

If you meant to spell "platten" but made a mistake, there are a few possible correct suggestions. The correct word might be "platen" which refers to a flat metal plate used in printing or "platter" which is a large serving dish. Check the context to determine the appropriate spelling.

List of suggestions on how to spell platten correctly

  • flatten I need to flatten the dough before we can cut it into shapes.
  • pattern The dress I bought has a beautiful pattern of flowers.
  • Patton
  • planter
  • plataea The Battle of Plataea was a decisive victory for the Greeks against the Persians in 479 BCE.
  • plate I put the cake on the plate.
  • Plated The dishes on the table were all plated.
  • platen
  • platens I picked up a used platens at the Salvation Army.
  • plates
  • platoon I joined a platoon of friends for dinner.
  • platte The platte was filled with delicious grilled salmon and a side of mixed vegetables.
  • Platted The deck is perfectly platted for a party.
  • platter The waiter brought out a large platter of delicious food for the table to share.
  • platters The waiter brought out a stack of platters filled with appetizers for our table.
  • Platting The platting process is used to create a map of the ocean floor.
  • plotter plotter plots the course of the ship.
  • slattern The slattern was cleaning the windowsill.

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