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How to spell PLAUG correctly?

If you have been struggling with the misspelling of "plaug", worry not! The correct spelling you're looking for is "plague". Pay close attention to the -gue ending, which is commonly mistaken for -g or -gue. Remember, double-checking your spellings can save you from any potential confusion!

List of suggestions on how to spell plaug correctly

  • flag The flag of the United States of America is red, white, and blue.
  • lag Despite the strong Wi-Fi signal, the video game experienced a lag and the player lost the match.
  • lug
  • pang She felt a sharp pang in her chest when she heard the news.
  • paul
  • plague The black plague caused widespread death and despair throughout Europe during the Middle Ages.
  • plan
  • plank I used a plank to create a bridge over the stream.
  • plaque The dentist pointed out the plaque buildup on my teeth and recommended a thorough cleaning.
  • plat I prefer to eat my dinner on a round plate rather than a square plat.
  • play
  • plug
  • plugs I need to buy some new plugs for my phone charger.
  • plum She made a delicious plum pie for dessert.
  • plus Tommy's favorite part about his new job was the plus of having an office with a window.
  • pug My friend has a pug that snores louder than any human.
  • slag The slag from the iron factory was dumped into the nearby river, polluting the water and endangering aquatic life.
  • slug I saw a slug crawling on the ground after the rain.

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