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How to spell PLAUGE correctly?

If you've mistyped "plauge", fear not! The correct spelling is "plague". This common misspelling often occurs due to the placement of the "u" before the "a". Avoid future errors by remembering the correct sequence of "a" followed by "g" to ensure an accurate spelling.

List of suggestions on how to spell plauge correctly

  • large She got a large pizza for her friends.
  • luge I tried to ride the luge but I was so clumsy.
  • page I need to turn to the next page in my book.
  • paige Paige is my sister's name.
  • plague The plague has killed many people in London.
  • plaque She had a plaque on her desk to show her off to her peers.
  • pledge I pledge to always be faithful to my friends.
  • plug I need to plug in my phone before it dies.
  • plugs I need to buy some new plugs for my electrical outlets.
  • plunge

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