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How to spell PLAUGED correctly?

The misspelling "plauged" can easily be corrected as "plagued". It is important to ensure proper spelling to maintain clarity and professionalism in writing. Double-checking for common mistakes like this not only enhances credibility but also helps to effectively convey the intended message.

List of suggestions on how to spell plauged correctly

  • Flagged We flagged the package for further inspection.
  • Lagged The data was lagged to account for the lag in the data collection.
  • Paged She paged him several times.
  • placed
  • plagued The town had been plagued with burglaries for months.
  • Plaited The woman wore a plaited hairpiece.
  • Planed
  • Planked I was so surprised when my friend planked for the first time.
  • planned I have planned to go for a run every morning this week.
  • plashed The rain plashed against the window.
  • Plated The food was beautifully plated with a garnish that added to its culinary presentation.
  • Platted The land was platted and subdivided into smaller lots for housing development.
  • played I played basketball with my friends at the park yesterday.
  • pledged He pledged to support the charity by donating a portion of his earnings.
  • plugged I should have plugged in my phone before it died.
  • plumed The plumed knight rode into the castle on his majestic horse.
  • Plunged The airplane plunged into the depths of the ocean after running out of fuel.
  • Slagged I was so embarrassed when he called me a Slagged.

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