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We think the word plcae is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

Possible correct spellings for plcae

  • algae The primary source of food for the hungry millions of marine animals, excepting the comparatively small quantity brought by rivers or blown from the land, is supplied by the marine algae, and mainly by the minute forms which float in the water.
  • lac G-Fire-bag of velvet ornamented with silk-work, made by Chipewyan woman at Fond du Lac, Lake Athabasca.
  • lack Little as he loved the ruffian, he could not find it in his heart to let him die for lack of a little care.
  • lag Unlike the fawi and pabafunan, the o'-lag has no adjoining court, and no shady surroundings.
  • lake No, we picked them up on the lake-boat.
  • locke Should ever a physician be born with the genius of Locke, I am persuaded that he might trace all bodily and mental derangements to our unnatural habits, as clearly as that philosopher has traced all knowledge to sensation.
  • pac Minor parties-National Veterans and Civilian Party (PNVC), Juan Rene Beauchanps Javier; The Structure (LE), Andres Van Der Horst; Democratic Quisqueyan Party (PQD), Elias Wessin Chavez; Constitutional Action Party (PAC), Luis Arzeno Rodriguez; National Progressive Force (FNP), Marino Vinicio Castillo; Popular Christian Party (PPC), Rogelio Delgado Bogaert; Dominican Communist Party (PCD), Narciso Isa Conde; Anti-Imperialist Patriotic Union (UPA), Ivan Rodriguez; in 1983 several leftist parties, including the PCD, joined to form the Dominican Leftist Front (FID); however, they still retain individual party structures
  • pack When Petey told him how a pack of timber wolves had besieged the school for nine days and nights, four years before, he almost cried because there was no photograph of the scene handy.
  • page 194, page 82, in Bowditch.
  • pal Rick watched carefully as his pal lowered himself to full length, and swung to the left.
  • palace 336 Hampton Court, Wolsey's palace at, iii.
  • palate Besides, Bon Gaultier definitely shews That the real beverage for feasting gods on Is a soft compound, grateful to the nose And also to the palate, known as 'Hodgson.
  • pale His eyes were pale blue, introspective and romantic.
  • pc chief of state: President Alvaro URIBE Velez (since 7 August 2002); Vice President Francisco SANTOS (since 7 August 2002); note - the president is both the chief of state and head of government head of government: President Alvaro URIBE Velez (since 7 August 2002); Vice President Francisco SANTOS (since 7 August 2002) cabinet: Cabinet consists of a coalition of the three largest parties that supported President URIBE's reelection - the PSUN, PC, and CR - and independents elections: president and vice president elected by popular vote for a four-year term (eligible for a second term); election last held 28 May 2006 (next to be held in May 2010) election results: President Alvaro URIBE Velez reelected president; percent of vote - Alvaro URIBE Velez 62%, Carlos GAVIRIA Diaz 22%, Horacio SERPA Uribe 12%, other 4%
  • pelican Ledscha had not insisted upon the fulfilment of her desire, but as the boat passed the Pelican Island her gaze rested on the lustreless waning disk of the moon.
  • percale It can be made of quilted padding bound with tape, or of two thicknesses of outing flannel covered with percale or denim and bound with tape or braid.
  • pic The Pic du Midi d'Ossau, which should lie to the southwest, is not in sight, being hidden by intervening heights.
  • pica This first volume, a large and handsome folio, came from the press of Richard Hodgkinson, and was printed in pica Roman in double columns, with a great deal of italic and black letter intermixed.
  • pickle Where he is at all, he is entirely,-nothing extemporaneous; his most casual word seems to have lain in pickle a long time, and is saturated through and through with the Emersonian brine.
  • pile The man struck a match, and held the blaze of it toward a pile of sharp stones.
  • pillage Parties of cavalry were sent out to protect the farms from pillage, and to bring in the marauders as prisoners.
  • pillager Several reservations were set aside in each purchase for the future residence of various bands of said Chippewa and Pillager Indians.
  • placard In less than three years after this memorable day, on the 2nd of December, 1851, at daybreak, there might be read on all the street corners in Paris, this placard:- "In the name of the French people, the President of the Republic: "Decrees- "Article 1. The National Assembly is dissolved.
  • placate His face was drawn and his mouth was set in a way that was utterly foreign to Jim, whose smile has done more to keep peace in committee meetings and to placate irate members than all other harmonizing agencies in the club put together.
  • place 10,274. Where is Williamson's place?
  • placer He made the first discovery of gold in Colorado, which he found at the foot of Lincoln Mountain, doubtless at Fairplay on the Platte River, where once extensive placer diggings existed.
  • placket But Jenny, feeling herself a-blush, thought it was the lilac, thought her placket was undone, thought there was a hole in her stocking, became thoroughly hot and self-conscious.
  • plague "You must have known there was plague there, my dear," Sir Ivor put in, soothingly, with a deprecating glance.
  • plaice It stopped Fred Plaice in his tracks.
  • plan That'll be our best plan.
  • plane Each of the lovers was a genius; each had been pedestaled by the world; each was supposed to live on a rarified plane far above the heads or the ken of mere earth folk.
  • planer 1565 represents a planer by William Sellers and Co.
  • plank He ordered the plank held for a moment.
  • plaque Also, we will have a small but imperishable plaque over the door.
  • plat To convert stiff clay, or light sand and gravel, into a good loam, is an easy matter on so small a plat as is usually devoted to a garden.
  • plate Page 71 Facing Plate 19 Fig.
  • platte Already they were far across the Platte and up out of reach of all telegraphic communication somewhere among the breaks of the South Cheyenne, and right in among the bands now known to be hurrying day and night, northwestward, to join the hordes of Sitting Bull.
  • play "This will be child's play, Miss Dudley.
  • player It is said that Haydn persisted in regarding Beethoven, not as a composer at all but as a pianoforte player; and certainly Beethoven regarded Haydn as being behind the age.
  • plea The plea of the old woman, and the soul of the young woman, which called loudest now?
  • plead It amuses me to hear you plead, my dear; you put so much spirit into it.
  • please "Please, please don't let's talk of it.
  • pleat On her breast, the Godmother, had a brooch which pinned together the ends of the kerchief she wore around her throat; so Tom sat down on the pleat of the cloth behind the brooch, grasping the bar to keep his hands steady.
  • pleb On my soul, I hold that the slavery of the Louisiana black is less degrading than that of the white pleb of England.
  • plebe "Darrin and I fought the matter out, and he had the good fortune to win the appeal to force," replied Plebe Farley stiffly.
  • pledge Again he interrupted: "She told me that you had kept your pledge, that your father was terrible, and that you were awaiting his departure in order to arrange a meeting.
  • pluck I only wish the Yankees had had the pluck to hold fast to her."
  • plucked She certainly plucked your grandfather.
  • plucky "I like a plucky woman!
  • plug The old plug of a horse is down, kickin' the stuffin' out of the harness, and a few feet off is the huckster, huddled up in a heap like a bag of meal.
  • plumage On a distant point stood a troop of flamingoes, drawn up in order like a company of soldiers, their scarlet plumage shining in the sun.
  • plume "That is my nom-de-plume-yes," replied the girl nervously.
  • ply They ply him with coffee till he grows calmer, and asks what it all means.
  • polar In the background several polar bears were crouching, who smoked and hardly ever spoke, except to growl out now and then a real fatherland 'Donnerwetter' in a deep bass voice.
  • pole George had his opinions, as usual: "Let us get a pole at least 50 feet long.
  • poleaxe
  • polecat
  • police
  • polk
  • polka
  • pollack
  • pule
  • PLO On 13 November 1974, PLO leader Yasir Arafat told the United Nations, "It pains our people greatly to witness the propagation of the myth that its homeland was a desert until it was made to bloom by the toil of foreign settlers, that it was a land without a people".
  • Pele The ruins of the " Pele" tower stand on a high grassy platform, safeguarded on three sides by tall cliffs and tumbled boulders; the remains of a ditch may also be traced.
  • Peale This specimen was described at some length by Rembrandt Peale in a privately printed pamphlet, now unfortunately rare, and described in some respects better than has been done by any subsequent writer, since the points of difference between various parts of the mastodon and elephant were clearly pointed out.
  • pleas I have offered you mild inducements,-pleas to soothe the technicalities of your conscience: you have rejected them; be it so.
  • LC Currency: Greek Cypriot area: 1 Cypriot pound (LC) = 100 cents; Turkish Cypriot area: 1 Turkish lira (TL) = 100 kurus
  • PL 37-38 of which again Pl.
  • PYLE
  • Pilate Caiaphas and the Jewish priests, Pontius Pilate and the Roman soldiers, Judas Iscariot, the Jewish people, each in turn received their sentence, and passed to the left hand.
  • polkaed
  • Pelee Professor Hill started on Monday, May 26, to visit the vicinity of Mount Pelee, and returned to Fort de France Wednesday morning, nearly exhausted.
  • academicians The academicians were almost in despair; they had received, somewhat against their inclination, a courtier, who had some wit, and whose light and trifling eloquence had become the admiration of all his court-acquaintance; and this learned body was now reduced to the necessity of refusing the sage Zeb, the scourge of bablers, the perfection of wisdom.

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alp, pea, apc, ace, pal, aec, pel, cpa, lea, pac, lac, ale, epa, lap, ape, cap.

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