Correct spelling for PLEAE

We think the word pleae is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

Possible correct spellings for pleae

  • lea V. I had turned from the lion a time, and when I looked tow'rd the tide and out on the lea Of the town where the warm sea tumbled and teemed With beauty, I saw her.
  • leap We shall see what we shall see when the fires leap round the stake.
  • lear So you're friends of Mrs. Lear?
  • lee In speaking of the rainfall of the State it is right to mention a considerable stretch of land lying on the east side of, and directly under the lee of, the Cascade Mountains.
  • pal Rick turned over and stared at his pal.
  • pale Oh, Mr. 'Arry, now so pale you are!
  • pea He lifted the center shell to reveal a green pea.
  • peace But now I c'n rest in peace.
  • peal For answer the Girl burst out into a peal of laughter.
  • pear Yon's the railroad, heading for the divide, where we came over from Prickly Pear.
  • pearl She heard the words "king's jewels," "pearl of great price."
  • peel Season with salt, pepper, minced parsley, and grated lemon-peel.
  • pile He's a great man with a pile of dollars.
  • place That woman in my place!
  • plan "That man has some kind of plan in his mind, though I can't tell you what it is," he declared.
  • plane But since the earth's shadow lies in the plane of its orbit-i.
  • plat The plat of ground should be left as firm as the remainder of the field, so that all conditions may be even for the test.
  • plate The servant takes the plate from his mistress after she has filled it, and hands it to the lady of first consideration, and so on.
  • play It certainly will be some play."
  • plea She draws her on, accordingly, under plea of Norbert's diffidence, to speak of what she believes him to have asked of her, and what she knows to be already granted.
  • plead I refuse to plead at all.
  • pleader Upon you I have no shadow of claim, but I am here from dire necessity, at your mercy-a helpless, defenseless pleader in my mother's behalf-and as such, I appeal to the boasted southern chivalry, upon which you pride yourself, for immunity from insult while I am under your roof.
  • please Please go and leave me.
  • pleat Her dress of flowered silk is long waisted, with a Watteau pleat behind, but with the paniers reduced to mere rudiments, as she is too tall for them.
  • pleb Is there even now a spot into which the bumptious, mannerless, ubiquitous little pleb has not pushed himself?
  • plebe As neither plebe knew just what was meant by this command they had to be shown how to sit holding their "oars" straight up in the air.
  • pledge But bear in mind the pledge All-Fader gave: When moss and flowers shall the barrow hide, To Idavold the hero's ghost shall ride,- Then Norway too shall from the grave be brought To chastened deeds within the realm of thought!
  • ply I've never see sich a good ply in my life.
  • polar In the perils of Polar exploration or the comforts of Denby Hall, he would find Phineas McPhail ever by his side.
  • pole One afternoon, late, as I was coming back to my hut, my empty buckets swinging on the pole, my eyes fixed upon the little nipa-roof already showing through the trees, and hunger of love in my heart, I tripped against a liana across the path.
  • pule Thus the long or diphthongal sounds of I and U, are admitted by some, and excluded by others; the sound of j, or soft g, is reckoned as simple by some, and rejected as compound by others; so a part, if not all, of what are called the long and the short vowels, as heard in ale and ell, arm and am, all and on, isle or eel and ill, tone and tun, pule or pool and pull, have been declared essentially the same by some, and essentially different by others.
  • Pleurae The pleurae very closely resemble the pericardium except that the fibrous outer coat of the parietal layer is not nearly as strong; it is closely attached to the inner surface of the chest walls and mesially to the outer layer of the pericardium; above it is thickened by a fibrous contribution from the scalene muscles, and this forms the dome of the pleura which fits into the concavity of the first rib and contains the apex of the lung.
  • PLO 'Wot the 'ell does PLO mean?' demanded Bundy, with a puzzled expression.
  • Pele In 1824, Kapiolani, the daughter of a great chief of Hilo, having been converted to Christianity by the missionaries, determined to break the spell of the native belief in Pele.
  • Paley At one end sat Mr. Paley, on his right sat Major Hardinge, the chaplain stood at his left, and just behind the Major sat Dr. Livermore.
  • Peale The form of inquiry in the Archdeaconry of Yorke by the churchwardens and swornemen, in 163-, was: "Whether doth your clark or sexton, when any one is passing out of this life, neglect to toll a bell, having notice thereof, or, the party being dead, doth he suffer any more ringing than one short peale, and before his burial one, and after the same another?"
  • Leah Her sister Leah also embraced Christianity, and married the Marano Martin Sanchez.
  • pleas They were Egyptians with favors to ask, and they bore gifts to indorse their pleas.
  • PL The canal, called "a'-lak," is about 3,000 feet long from the dam at A in Pl.
  • PYLE In Number Four, lived Mrs. Zola Green with her daughter and her two sisters, named Pyle-one of them was called Miss "Chit-Chat."
  • paler He looked out of the window as the train thundered along-Preston-Wigan-Warrington-everywhere squalor, hurry, and noise, with a smoke-laden sky lowering over the sad and dismal country, different, indeed, from that other world he knew of, with its crimson slopes of heather, its laughing waters, its lonely solitudes in their noonday hush, the fair azure of the heavens becoming paler and paler towards the horizon until it touched the distant peaks and shoulders of Assynt.
  • Pelee On the former is the terrible Pelee.
  • academicians Mulready, a member of the Royal Academy, was the artist, and the design had the approval of the Royal Academicians, so that it did not go forth without substantial recommendations.

26 words made from the letters pleae

3 letter words made from pleae:

alp, lea, pee, pea, pal, ape, pel, epa, lap, ale, eel, lee.

4 letter words made from pleae:

alep, elea, epae, lape, pale, alee, peel, leap, epel, plea, peal.

5 letter words made from pleae:

pelea, leepa, leape.

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