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How to spell PLEAGUE correctly?

The misspelling "pleague" often occurs when one intends to write "plague". To avoid this error, one could consider sounding out the word or using spell-check. Additionally, looking up the correct spelling in a dictionary or using online resources can provide accurate suggestions for avoiding the misspelling "pleague."

List of suggestions on how to spell pleague correctly

  • league I play in a basketball league with my friends every weekend.
  • plague The outbreak of the plague in Europe during the 14th century resulted in the deaths of millions of people.
  • plagued The company was plagued with financial troubles due to mismanagement.
  • plagues The locusts are one of the plagues described in the Bible.
  • plaque My dentist told me I have a lot of plaque buildup on my teeth.
  • please
  • pledge I made a pledge to always be honest with myself and others.
  • prague

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